Find cheap flights from Knock Intl to London Stansted Airport


Find cheap flights from Knock Intl to London Stansted Airport

Knock (NOC)
London Stansted
Tue 1/12
Tue 8/12
Any month
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March Best time to beat the crowds (55% less expensive on average)

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December Most popular time to fly (67% more expensive on average)

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€69 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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€40 or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for €33 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is March.

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Airline reviews

Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "Our flight was late to take off, and had to queue for 30 minutes at Shannon - before the plane had even landed. At stansted then had to get a long bus to the terminal and wait on the bus for 10 minutes because they couldn't open the doors. Luckily after a sprint to the station we made the last stansted express of the evening (£28 return each - 'London' airports for you)"

Cons: "I really didn't appreciate the long lines to get our visas checked, the disorganised boarding, our flight being 30 minutes late, and getting nickel-and-dimed to death with every little thing. I had to print my boarding pass or face a 50€/£ fee, but I couldn't print one for my return flight because it was more than 48 hrs prior unless I reserved seats so I paid money to avoid paying a made up fee. The money you think you save on Ryanair isn't worth the hassel. Never again."

Pros: "Flights were ok. No real complaint."
Cons: "Stanstead is awful. Not enough Ryanair staff on bag drop. Rude staff at disorganized we bring check. Biggest shopping mall compulsory march i have seen anywhere. Terrible. Walkways to gates are too narrow. Felt like a cattle market."

Cons: "Plane was late to take off by 40 minutes We arrived at the plane early on the bus, but couldnt board as the stairwell hadnt been fitted to the plane, therefore had to sit on the bus in the heat until the stairs came along"

Pros: "everything on this flight went like clockwork the flight left on time and the crew onboard were really helpful and pleasant"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nice, not that noisy"
Cons: "Other passenger a bit loud"

Pros: "Adequate seat room, comfortable flight"
Cons: "Priority boarding but congested at Gate and held standing on bus for 10+ mins. Cabin staff ok but not as alert, proactive or responsive as normal. Trying to sell scratch cards rather than provide relevant services."

Pros: "Notihng"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "The flight was late . The Stansted train to Liverpool St was the last . I have to take a taxi that cots more than your tvket ."

Cons: "The delay of the flight"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Poor customer service specially in Berlin"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"

Cons: "When I was check-in at the airport, the staff in the Basel airport, was so rude. Even though I've done online check in, unable to use online boarding pass. Only said, I have to printing the boarding pass, but I was traveling around country side, so there were no place to printing the ticket. When in the airport , the staff require either online or printing boarding pass, but as my online boarding pass is not working, I said I would like to get boarding pass and willing to pay for it. But she was almost shouting to me and her face looking vey annoyed for doing additional work. I was uncomfortable for her service. And she only said "NEXT TIME!, OK?", her tone was like scold to child. I don't expect either excellence service or big friendly smile, but I paid for ticket and printing, I didn't bagging anything. I really did't understand her attitude, I don't have any reason to heard her shouting voice in the airport after holidays. I was consider never use Ryanair next time, seriously."

Pros: "nothing ..."
Cons: "Queuing for 45 mins at boarding at 21.25 pm which grew to 10.05 pm! no apparent reason for this although we were all given manual luggage tags and then they were checked off again before getting into the plane- the Malaga ground staff could not answer questions as they didn't speak english well enough.. poor. onboard completely overcrowded locals and no help from crew on seating = lots of spare stoats at back.. i.e. space."

Cons: "Make sure to all you need to do is the bag drop at checkin. The lines to see an agent are horrendous."

Pros: "Not much at all"
Cons: "All passengers were lined up waiting to Board at the correct gate at leading up to and at the time the flight was supposed to depart at 11.55am. There was no communication on the flight boards and no member of staff from Ryanair or other near the gate. At about 12.30 two members of airport staff turned up and started the boarding process and eventually we got away an hour late at 12.55 still none the wiser about the lack of communication, service and delay. It would take a lot to persuade me to fly with Ryanair again."

Pros: "The price is really the only positive thing I can say about this particular flight."
Cons: "The seats were tight and dirty. There was no entertainment what so ever. None of the refreshments were complimentary including tea and coffee. The crew did not create an atmosphere of hospitality (lots of audible gossip in the back of the plane). Finally, and this may have not been avoidable, but the landing was so hard that many of the passengers, including myself, experienced neck and back pain afterwards."

Pros: "Timely departure, relatively smooth check-in"
Cons: "Too much in-flight advertising, no complimentary drinks."

Pros: "A 6 hour delay with rude, nasty staff. I will be making a formal complaint."
Cons: "The staff bullied a girl next to me and have no sympathy."

Pros: "Timing was ok"
Cons: "All passengers were asked to pre-board which meant standing in the bridge to the plane before the plane arrived. We then had to walk down the stairs outside with the mosquitoes then walk up the stairs to the plane."

Cons: "Poor communication for the check in, passport control and boarding. Flight delayed with no communication. Landed late and then delayed again and had to wait 40 min to deboard the plane. Missed my connection costing me an extra 60 euro to get to my final destination :( they don't care!! I read reviews that this airline is habitually late. I assumed people were just being hard on them. Nope! I will either avoid this airline or assume an extra 2-3 hours of wasted time anytime I fly with them!!"

Pros: "Great low cost travel"
Cons: "Prices during the high season"

Pros: "Staff friendly on board. Not on the ground."
Cons: "Flight was late and no tea served for two hours."

Pros: "The head of the stewardesses, she was acting as we were on British Airways first class"
Cons: "Boarding was better than on our onward journey"

Pros: "The on time flight"
Cons: "The kids kicking my seat from behind"

Cons: "Flight delayed. Missed my national express coach boarding time."

Pros: "Once I was on the plane I fell asleep so it was a good ride."
Cons: "When we got to the airport no one was willing to help me which ended up costing me an extra £100. I was so upset and no one even showed the slightest care. Im never flying ryanair again."

Pros: "The Athens airport gave us meal vouchers (not Ryanair)"
Cons: "The flight left 4 hours late with no explanations."

Pros: "It's an affordable way to move around Europe."
Cons: "Getting to and from the airports is more expensive than the flight itself. Every ten minutes on the flight, the flight attendants come on the speaker trying to sell something else. Not luxurious flying experience but you get what you pay for."

Pros: "It seems if you don't pay for the seat attribution, the system splits automatically group/couple even if with infant! My husband and I have been separated by more than 30 rows but we had 2 aisle seats! Hopefully a kind person has accepted to exchange his middle seat with my husband seat. In addition, there was no priority to boarding with infant if. You don't pay the priority boarding (although we have to carry the baby in our arm). We have to ask several times to have the specific belt for infant, hopefully it was not our first flight and we knew it was mandatory! We have as well asked for a life jacket for our 4 months baby and they informed us infant and adult life jacket are in the same place above the seat..."
Cons: "Lack of safety rules for infant (to request seat belt, no infant life jacket) Priority of buying options rather to help when traveling with infant (automatic separation on seat distribution, no boarding priority)"

Cons: "Unclear queuing at Stanstead air port, dirty plane toilets. No information given about boarding"

Pros: "Okay"
Cons: "Crew was clueless on the return flight! Food service was exceptionally slow and we waited for some food for the kids for an hour. There is no control over alcohol that people can buy and one group became very noisy and disruptive."

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "The Landing, the Crew,the priority boarding does not look like priority boarding"

Cons: "The air conditioning was very high and I think that most passengers feel very cold during the flight."

Pros: "I arrived at the airport at the last minute, and the staff was very helpful ensuring I get onto the plane on time."
Cons: "I confirmed and booked online to avoid the fees, however they did not show it in the system. They confirmed I had paired for a new such but still charged me. My bag was overweight and I have to pay a small fortune for that. I was instructed to contact their customer service to get the bill taken care of."

Pros: "The flight arrived in London on time."
Cons: "The checking in process at Ryanair's Marrakech airport was totally awful. There weren't enough staff to deal with the passengers and when problems occurred it meant the queue just stopped moving. Despite arriving within the 3 hour window it took 90 minutes to get checked in. The girl behind the desk was very slow and had to deal with a number of argumentative passengers who should have been dealt with by a supervisor so as not to disrupt everybody else. Poor problem management"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Staff how it's possible u miss the flight to the front to the gate"

Cons: "An hour late"

Cons: "I was charged 30 pounds to print my tickets even though i had checked in ahead of time. I was never notified about this prior to arriving at the desk."

Pros: "Disgusting service from the staff whom were rude, short and unprofessional. Not only was the flight delayed but there was no announcement regarding the flight delay how much time we had to wait on the tarmac."
Cons: "The staff, the delay, the lack of information and more delays"

Pros: "Priority boarding and friendly courteous staff"
Cons: "Lack of complimentary refreshment. Xould offer free cup aof tea and coffee without destroying profits. Giving a cup of tea might well encourage the passenger to buy food to accompany it"

Pros: "i had bought 2 bags one 20 kg and one 15 kg i tried to go boarding with min stuff in hand when she weighted the 2 bags it was 38.5 kg i asked to consider that i had only a laptop bag of 2-3 kg in hand .. i can sure carry the catalogues that are in the check in bags with me .. she refused and said not even a kilo more ... i had to move the cataloghues and carry with me !!!!"

Pros: "not crashing"
Cons: "being treated like a dispensable inconvenience at every turn"

Pros: "flew from eindhover to london."
Cons: "flight was a late time slot. Could have done with a few hours less in Eindhover. We were told to board and left outside in the cold for 15 minutes. No information or announcement as to why the delay.. or why in the freezing cold."

Pros: "Nothing. It was all mediocre."
Cons: "You need to serve food or at least water. Airplanes are very dry. It makes you seem like a rip off."

Pros: "The fact I got home, nothing else to like about flying."
Cons: "Flying"

Pros: "The service"

Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "The landing"

Pros: "On time there and back."
Cons: "The trip to and from Stansted"

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