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RyanairOverall score based on 19146 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Entertainment online"
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Cons: "Entertainment online"
Cons: "Entertainment online"
Pros: "Pilot always communicated flight status."
Cons: "Flight was delayed almost two hours"
Pros: "It was a great flight staff A1 and beautiful flying from knock, hadn't done for years , hot paninis great food better than Emmirates I flew with over the Christmas"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Quickness with the site. Easy to use"
Cons: "1) my first issue is that my card was charged 2x before having to run it a 3rd time to guarantee my flight. I guess Kayak and Ryanair do not communicate as easily as other carriers. 2) I was charged $50 Euro at the counter for NOT checking in. I attempted to check in numerous times, but it was not allowing me to check in. I received a booking confirmation, but never received a confirmation ID that would have allowed me to check in on the flight. I would appreciate if Kayak would have a response to this?"
Cons: "pre check no matter what and don’t take a check in or else they stiff you with $120 in fees. Completely crazy"
Cons: "got sick and was not able to make flight but was refused a refund."
Cons: "The price of my ticket had nothing low cost. It was $300 for a one way Rome - Paris. Since I never fly with Ryan air, I had no idea you had to check in online. Otherwise they charge you a 55 euro fee for a normal check in at the airport. It’s written in very small letters at the end of the confirmation email they send you. You obviously don’t see it unless you scroll down 10 times all the way to the bottom of the email. This is called a rip off. This should be mentioned all the way at the top near the confirmation number. So I had no choice but paying that fee. I’m sure I’m not the first person this happened to. These thieves must make a lot of money with this. The other bad surprise was that the arrival airport was so far from the center of the city, I paid 120 euros with Uber to get home versus 45 euros when flying into the main Paris airports. Overall, it becomes the same price than flying with Air France."
Pros: "First off the reviews via Youtube and the web site were scarey but I wished for the best. I packed a small American Tourister bag 14 for my European trip starting in Rome to Paris then on to Amsterdam, as well as packed a book bag. At first I booked non priority but figured I'd add the $7.50 to be safe and be able to take both my bags, plus it got me thru the gate quicker, so I booked PRIORITY and it worked out for me. The space is kind of tight but I was able to fit comfortably in my seat and the flight was abt 2 hrs or so from Rome to Paris. I never reclined my seat because after takeoff I fell promptly asleep. I had a 6:30 am flight. The crew appeared very unbothered n blasé but there were no mishaps and they were attempting to get everyone seated as quickly as possible so we could get on to our destination on time. The landing was a bit off but nothing major just a hard drop, nothing serious. Overall not as bad as the nightmare reviews but nothing to brag about either. Well worth my $60 (American)."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Very efficient and organized"
Pros: "Tickets were Cheap."
Cons: "The flight attendants weren’t friendly and had a bad attitude. They were not helpful at all."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Boarding was a mess"
Pros: "Was on time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I've been using the same bag for years and never had to pay for luggage when flying Ryanair. My bag fits perfectly in those metal things they put in the airport. With plenty of room to spare. The lady at the check in said it was too big. Then I showed her how my bag fits with plenty of room to spare. But then she said it also needs to go up and down if I put it sideways. Basically my bag by volume is much smaller than the standard, but is about half centimeter wider. This was enough for her to force me to pay 50 Euros. I didn't believe I should pay but there was no option. It was either pay or not fly since boarding was almost finished. She made me sign a paper to"acknowledge" that my bag wasn't the right fit. I had no option. I really feel this treatment was un-dignifying. I will never fly with Ryanair again."
Pros: "Once boarded it was very smooth"
Cons: "Over 3&a half hours delay was sooooo painful"
Pros: "Cheap as chips and only took an hour instead of 90 mins; happy out!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Crew was awful. They spoke on the loud speaker trying to sell something for more than half the flight."
Cons: "Booked online & didn't read the fine print. Therefore never registered & had to pay $60 penalty. Did get an e/m 2 days before the flight but was in Poland at the time with no access to my e/m. Don't remember being asked about luggage online so had to pay $40 for my ck'd bag that I thought was excessive. Don't understand if I book online & get a confirmation why I have to register. Seems to me it's another unnecessary nuisance to scam senior citizens like myself. Since you cost me another $100 don't think I'll ever fly Ryanair again. Milt Kriger"
Pros: "The fare was very inexpensive"
Cons: "All of the added fees and added expenses in getting there (cab,busses,time) made in the same cost if not more. as flying to and out of the larger airports. Wasn't worth the stress in the end."
Pros: "Safe, clean"
Cons: "To difficult to get boarding passes on line . Site has a problem changes info. Had to cancel two flights because they were not helpful.your person who took our nfromation on line gave us confirmation then at airport would not let us board even though the info was on her screen at airport. There fore we had to cancel another flight through you , cancel car rentals etc,hotel, no I was not pleased with service. We missed gong to Lourdes, had to book another flight to Madrid spent entire day at airport trying to go some where as you had no other flights which was costly, many expenses we had no counted on and your girl was rude and left the counter went on here break leaving us standing there with 2 young kids and myself k 83 years we could continue our trip very disappointed"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "Ground and flight crew were attentive, polite, and helpful. The price of the flight was unbelievable, excess luggage fees were reasonable. Shuttle into town was efficient and economical."
Pros: "Don't fly this airline. Overall it was a horrible experience. The ticket agent charged double our entire airplane fair for our bags! There wasn't a tray table, the ticket agent had his feet up on the counter....this gives a pretty good general idea of the value Ryanair puts on Customer service."
Cons: "See above. If I was the CEO, I would read the feedback from my customers."
Cons: "Delayed flight without being told before boarding at Paris BVA"
Pros: "Price is cheap. But you get what you pay for."
Cons: "They don't tell you the gate number until 30 minutes before your flight departs. Everyone stands infront of the screen waiting for the gate number and then everyone runs to the gate and stands in line for 30 minutes. Ryanair also sometimes has shuttles that will take you to the plane so you have to hop on a bus then get on a's weird."
Pros: "Very easy, no hassles; Beauvais is a small airport at a distance from Paris but the bus service is excellent."
Pros: "Son muy organizado"
Cons: "Todo estuvo bien"
Pros: "When I paid for the upgraded priority seat, why did the crew give the seat next to me away for free? Shouldn't he pay just like we had to? She said it was because he has long legs. Well, so does my husband and we paid for that seat in 1-A and 1-B. So, the man who took 1-C proceeded to be rude and rest his arm on mine the entire trip. FAIL!"
Cons: "When I paid for the upgraded priority seat, why did the crew give the seat next to me away for free? Shouldn't he pay just like we had to? She said it was because he has long legs. Well, so does my husband and we paid for that seat in 1-A and 1-B. So, the man who took 1-C proceeded to be rude and rest his arm on mine the entire trip. FAIL!"
Pros: "I have a double ticket reservation , they refused to cancel one and gove me a credit for it !! Even booth reservation to the same distenation on the same day and almost the same hour !!!!"
Pros: "Easy, efficient, comfortable"
Cons: "We were among the first to board and had our luggage stowed above our seats. A couple boarded late and was seated across the aisle from us. The overhead bins were filled and the crew wanted to move my luggage to the middle of the plane--far from me --so that the latecomer could stow a shopping bag. We protested--my luggage was moved to accommodate the latecomer anyway. Is a small thing but I was furious."
Pros: "Service was okay."
Cons: "They charge you for everything."
Pros: "Pretty typical RyanAir-- cheap, fast, and not a lot to get in the way."
Cons: "Why do I always get the flight with the screaming child? I know this isn't exactly RyanAir's fault, but it certainly had a negative influence on my flight experience."
Pros: "They charge you 45 Euro per ticket if you don't print out your boarding pass or check in online. What a scam."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "We asked for a special assistance for grandfather. Nothing came out. Too bad."
Cons: "No me gusto el hecho de tener que hacer check in y no haberlo hecho y que la penalizacion sea tan alta...esto es un robo juegan con la necesidad de las personas y se aprovechan de ella, no vuelvo a viajar con ryanair es demasiado complicado andar imprimiendo tickets cuando uno anda de viaje en lugares que no conoce y tener que andarse preocupando por ello, hay otras lineas areas de bajo costo que no hacen lo mismo y son mucho mas comodas"
Cons: "The plane did not arrive to Paris."
Cons: "Terrible service"
Cons: "We were told to use the app for boarding passes-ok great except 'one or more passengers in your party may not use a boarding pass created on this app' ok fine I'll use the website. Except the website will not except any of our flight and travel or information it is it long and laborious procedure. We ended up spending over two hours attempting to get everyone in our party of four registered to check in for their flight only to have the website repeatedly crash and not send us the boarding passes . So in the end I would just warn anyone dealing with Ryan air to print your boarding passes as soon as you book your tickets and slip them into your suitcase once you're traveling and you don't have access to a business center you cannot get their website and/or their app to work correctly for you and if you don't have a boarding pass before you get to the airport they will charge you I believe the charge is €30 per person for them to print you a boarding pass even though their website and their app will not let you download a copy of your boarding pass in a timely and or easy fashion."
Cons: "Unhappy about having to pay 45euros because I couldn't print boarding pass. I bought ticket in June, started travelling Sept 2nd and flight was for Sept 29th. Not having access to internet and printer during the 7days prior to the flight cost me 45euros. Thanks."
Pros: "Quick boarding, flight almost on time, clean plan, nice crew"
Cons: "Not so comfort seat"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Very rude check in staff Charge for boarding pass No food or entertainment Long time to board a small plane!"
Pros: "The crew was very friendly on the flight."
Cons: "The fact that you must check yourself in online the night prior and I'd you don't they charge 45 euros per person to "check you in" which is the same thing you're doing when you go to drop off your bag at the ticket counter. I did not have access to the Internet in Portugal so I had no clue about the need to print out our tickets. Will never fly Ryan air again."
Pros: "Disappointed"
Cons: "The lack of help that the employees offered."
Pros: "Horrible. Employees don't care and everything is resolved charging you extra money with the excuse that the passingers need to do everything online. Never again this airline"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled"
Pros: "Leg room, was a really easy journey for such an early morning"
Cons: "I didn't have any food so can't comment There was a lack of entertainment but short haul flight so no probs"
Cons: "I didn't have a meal but didn't look appetizing. Sits were uncomfortable"
Cons: "Excessive luggage fee of 50 euro"

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