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Aer LingusOverall score based on 6125 reviews
Airline reviews

Worst flight. Ever. Lesson learned.

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Worst flight. Ever. Lesson learned.

Pros: "Thanks to COVID, minimal service"
Cons: "A cup of tea about $7.00. Can it be better. Certainly"
Pros: "Very friendly crew"
Cons: "Flight got delayed. Would be nice if the crew would come around w water occasionally"
Cons: "They do not offer free bags to America anymore."
Cons: "More comfortable seat"
Cons: "Good service cold have come sooner, I wanted to sleep as much as possible but it was a full 2 hours before the service finished."
Pros: "Generally a smooth experience."
Cons: "The seats are too close together. Charging for drinks is out of character for a good airline. Go back to free non-alcoholic drinks."
Cons: "They lost our luggage and we can't reach anyone who can help us find it. The customer service people are very unhelpful"
Pros: "Crew were very good"
Cons: "Could do with some entertainment ie. a film"
Pros: "Friendly boarding crew, the plane was bigger and more comfortable than many airlines use for such short flights"
Cons: "My luggage was mishandled and left in Dublin."
Cons: "Supposed to leave Boston at 9:30 pm, instead 1:30 am. It was said they knew this the day before and sent emails to passengers. No one who I spoke to, including myself, got one. Aer Lingus hired another carrier to do this flight—plane, crew —no Aer Lingus personnel. Everyone was nice, but. Had made arrangement for early morning checkin. Got to the hotel SO late that they waved a fee and had our room ready. Was going to sightsee the first afternoon—basically lost a day of seeing Dublin."
Pros: "I love Aer Lingus, they appear to be always on time and nice comfy seats. No problem boarding, was nice and quick."
Cons: "Nothing to not like at mo."
Pros: "The plane was clean and comfortable, the crew was friendly"
Cons: "Having to pay for coffee and soda is something I would expect from a budget airline and not a major carrier"
Cons: "My bag was lost. The staff at the airport was friendly enough and assured me it would be delivered to my hotel in dublin that afternoon. It’s now the next day and I still have not received my bag. I’ve call multiple times and still cannot give me a straight answer. So now I have to check out of this hotel and hope my bag shows up before moving on to my next destination. Also, on the flight I asked for 2 glasses of tap water while they came around asking if we would like to purchase a soft or alcoholic drink or snacks. There was no water on the cart so she had to continue servicing the rest of the plane and said she would be back. The first flight attendant must of forgotten, that’s okay she was probably busy. I asked a second flight attendant, 10 minutes go by and she still didn’t bring us water. Finally asked a 3rd flight attendant and he brought it to us quickly, this was 30miniutes after I first asked. I felt that my request wasn’t as important because I didn’t have to purchase it."
Cons: "They downgraded the flight and kicked 30 people off-including me. I am now sitting in London waiting for a flight to Rome. This is unacceptable."
Cons: "Boarding was chaotic because everyone, no matter where they were seated, queued up half an our before the boarding began. There was no "pooled"boarding"
Pros: "We liked that they resolved our issues fast and they were very polite"
Cons: "We didn’t fly to Dublin because our fly was change to London , we had paid for our seats 150+ for 2 London was very stressful , at arriving we spend 45minutes to get into the terminal waiting for a bus The layover was 1:20 minutes so we arrived on time but all the waiting made us late to check in . After runing like chickens with no head a polite customer representative put us through and informed us that our fly was delayed becouse the plane had mechanical issues, so after all that we had to wait 1 hr at the airport and another 1 hr or so to make sure the plane was ready to leave , after that we made it to New York instead of 7 pm we arrived 10 pm , very tired"
Pros: "Staff were nice"
Cons: "The seats were exceptionally narrow. Seats were firm and uncomfortable, my entire body was aching and it was impossible to sleep bc the cabin lights were on the entire flight . I’ve flown to Europe via British airways before and I can’t even compare the two. THe thought of having to fly back in the same aircraft is giving me cold sweats and i wish I didn’t have to"
Pros: "A lovely flight. No complaints."
Pros: "Overall the flight was great but the seating was extremely tight which made it hard to get comfortable. Not sure what type of airplane this was. Our return flight was much roomier."
Pros: "Plane was clean."
Cons: "They seemed to be a bit stingy on the beverages - I was pretty dehydrated so asked for another can of soda or glass of still water and never received it. Crew was not particularly friendly. I had flown British Air on the way over to Europe and that crew seemed genuinely more friendly. The complimentary headphones were terrible. I almost gave up on watching a movie until I pulled out my iPhone headphones and realized that I could finally hear the dialogue over the roar of the plane."
Pros: "Wheelchair assistance was very good"
Cons: "Long distance to boarding gate vis bus and walk. Late taking off so late arriving"
Pros: "Crew nice. Space was better than most. Felt like Jet Blue."
Cons: "No snack on 3 he flight ok I guess but....Lack of free beverage?"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived early"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The employees were friendly."
Cons: "I was surprised You had to pay for a cup of coffee."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Tv"
Pros: "The entertainment system was great."
Cons: "The staff was rude, only came through with drinks once on a 7-hour flight! And they were rude about everything."
Cons: "Crew is borderline aggressive and arrogant."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Food not good , entertainment system old un updated and slow"
Cons: "Seats cramped. Cabin crew in my section unhelpful and not particularly friendly. Was cold and asked for blankets and was told to go looking for one. Food service selection poorly planned: both main entries had dairy and no alternative was offered when I explained that I was lactose intolerant. Desert was dairy also. Snack had a lot of cheese. I later noticed one of the cabin crew eating a n apparently non-daily pasta dish. One toilet was also out of service."
Pros: "Flight was not full"
Cons: "My bags are lost and no one is helping me I'm very frustrated ."
Pros: "Aircraft was clean, new, crew was courteous, in flight services were certainly satisfactory"
Cons: "Two major problems, when we went to check in, we stood in line and were very rudely told by some German British Airways attendent that we couldn't check in with them and that we needed to go to Aer Lingus, this even though our reservations were through British Airways. Second, despite my efforts over a few months to make seat reservations, my daughter and i were separated. Aer Lingus reps in rome fixed that and I was very, very grateful for that, but when we got to the Dublin/Boston leg of our flight, they couldn't or wouldn 't fix the seating issue. On board the plane though, the flight attendents arranged for my daughter and I to sit together. Really upset me that I didn't know until the very last minute, on the plane, whether I was going to be able to sit next to my child."
Pros: "Crew was helpful and courteous. Check in staff was unclear about bag specifications."
Cons: "Boarding took exceptionally long and flight sat at the gate for about 40 minutes. Departure was over an hour delayed."
Pros: "Friendly staff, decent food."
Cons: "Seat in front of me was too close! My knees touched for 7 hours. Plus, computer and seat support take up foot space. Very very uncomfortable for a moderately tall person (6'2")"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The plane was delayed by an hour, they didnt have a plane so gave us a random budget airline plane from a company noone has heard of. Wasnt a big enough plane, so requested we check our hand luggage. Got on the plane and for a 7 hour flight there was no entertainment- unless you had a fully charged phone or tablet as they had an app but no where to charge your phone or tablet. Half way though the flight, it was announced that we had gone from 4 toilets to 1.5 (????) Landed in the us and it took an extra 30 minutes for luggage to show up on the conveyor / carousel. What a joke!"
Pros: "Pleasant crew, efficient boarding, comfortable seats. Food was good as was the wine I purchased."
Cons: "First set of earphones didn't work properly. Second set was better, but sound quality was still weak. Had dual prong outlets, so couldn't use my own. Entertainment offerings were decent, but not great compared to other airlines."
Pros: "Overall excellent"
Cons: "Aero lingua lounge opens 530pm which gives you 15 min usage for a 635am flight before boarding. Not worth the fee."
Pros: "Great flight, on time"
Cons: "Ran out of entre before they got to me"
Cons: "Delayed"
Cons: "The personnel are just not well informed about their jobs and really don't seem to be very smart. Sorry- I fly a lot. These folks are dumb."
Pros: "Crew very pleasant"
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Easy to book."
Cons: "Entertainment was outdated"
Cons: "Was supposed to depart at 850 pm on 15 Nov from Orlando Boarded plane on time then sat on aircraft for 2 hrs due to machanical issues. Was the deboarded and spent 2 hrs wanted for a hotel voucher. Asked to be placed on a different flight due to active duty military status and was given no help. Was not offered to fly on a different airline.. was instead asked if i had looked into getting another flight which if i am correct should be something they should have doing to ensure that i would return to duty on time.. Mind you i was flying with a small child and bussiness class was more important than women with small children or families period. When i was able to catch the flight the following day i didnt not recieve notification that this flight was delayed as well. To top it off this was a red eye flight and they kept the lights on in the cabin and many people were unable to sleep. Due to the flight being delayed i and my small child had to run across dublin international to catch or connecting flight. We made it however our luggage did not. I will not be using this airline again. I would rather spend a little extra money."
Cons: "I was recently on a 5 week tour of South America where I took 13 flights. They had a boarding system whereby you boarded by numbers with the highest numbers boarding first and they had 3 designated small queues 1-15 16- 30 30 -46 and this worked extremely well"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 hours stranding us in Chicago for the night"
Pros: "Liked the entertainment screen and choice of shows, movies and music. The extra back pillow was nice. And the prepackaged food was surprisingly good."
Cons: "not enough leg room, I have long legs."
Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Drinks bypassed first rows. Duty free and drink service announced, but immediately closed due to "pilot says we're landing in 15 minutes". Seat belt had been shortened and required extender."
Pros: "Caring staff"
Cons: "Plane was so cold I kept loosing the feeling in my fingertips!"
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Girl who gave me my duty free before boarding was so rude and upset me. Seats were very uncomfortable for to be sitting down for 9.5hours. I was seated beside a crying baby."
Pros: "Crew were professional and attentive Plane was clean and mechanically sound Take off and landing were on time or earlier"
Cons: "Because we bought seats from a third party vendor and not directly through Aer Lingus, we had terrible seats (right across from the bathroom) on both long flights. We could not check in on line until 2 hours before the flight and the seats available to us were single seats with no options to change. The AL staff at the airport told us that we should have booked through them directly but as you know the flight prices would then have been several hundred dollars additional for each. Seats were SO CLOSE, way too close for a 6+ hour flight Crew allowed passengers to drink alcohol until they were totally inebriated, which was unpleasant for many of us"
Pros: "Lovely crew, comfortable seats and bang on time."
Pros: "Seats don't recline. Flights are always late."
Cons: "Could not checkin on website for 2 days We were charged 60 Euros late checkin fee at airport."
Pros: "On time. Fast boarding."
Cons: "Eveything was making cracking noise.. walls, chairs, windows, floor etc.. and we flew in to a thunderstorm that could have been avoided if we took a slower root.. but they rather risk ut than being a little bit late... The windows were white and grey sue to the rainy clouds and then super brigth as lightnings struck.. the plane was shaking like crazy..."
Cons: "Plane late, seat uncomfortable, horrible"
Pros: "Nice crew and helpful check in person."
Cons: "We waited outside in the heat for 35 minutes. Insane! How is that a “priority” experience?! We were all drenched in sweat before take off?! Horrible!"
Cons: "Delayed 20 minutes and then they called us to the gate where we waited for another hour because the flight got delayed again. It sounded like the problem might have been out of Ryanair's hands but they at least could have told us that it would be an hour and that we should return later."
Pros: "The crew is doing its best job given the cards they gave been given to play with !"
Cons: "It was all good for a budget airline."
Pros: "On time - good crew -"
Cons: "Noisy plane (737 ) and noisy group of passengers on adjacent rows pilot and crew announcements downed out. seat allocation charges are a ripoff - makes the total price unrecognisable to the advertised price"
Pros: "It was a great flight staff A1 and beautiful flying from knock, hadn't done for years , hot paninis great food better than Emmirates I flew with over the Christmas"
Cons: "Flight was delayed missed my last connecting train"
Cons: "Poor service and delays!"
Cons: "So disorganized. Lots of staff but only one worker. The only staff member that was helpful was the lady at the check-in desk."
Pros: "Not much to like."
Cons: "At gate there was 40 minute delay to board with mention of what was going on. Once on board we waited another 40 minutes to be able to take off. In flight the crew was rude and inattentive."
Pros: "We arrive safely"
Cons: "There was a delay in boarding but no communication from any of the five members of staff at the boarding gate as to why. I also purchased priority boarding but we were not seperated from the crowd."
Pros: "On time and good flight"
Cons: "Mix up at airport with gates and late changes, lots of confusion"
Pros: "Staff were good - even the cabin crew member who was still training was friendly and professional. Landing was incredibly smooth. The pilot also dealt very well with the turbulence and was able to predict it so the seatbelt sign already came on before any trouble."
Cons: "Even by budget airline standards, Ryanair is mediocre at best. The chairs are uncomfortable for a 4 1/2 hour flight - manageable, maybe, for a shorter journey but not anywhere good enough for that length of time. Boarding took an unusually long time and even priority passengers were stood around waiting to get onboard a good 15 minutes or so after already having gotten into the jetway. Not to mention after landing, we were stood over an hour waiting for baggage because, for some reason, four different flights used the same carousel (and presumably only had one team getting baggage off all four planes) despite there being a second one free which I'm sure they could have easily used. Don't have four planes landing near concurrently if you don't have the facilities to deal with it. Ryanair is cheap, yes, but by the time you have to pay ridiculous amounts for things most other airlines consider normal (for starters, you can't even take a full size hand luggage bag on board without priority boarding), it adds up to being less "budget" than it would have been to fly with a higher end airline like British Airways and you'd have to be an idiot to choose Ryanair over a cheaper, higher quality, airline. Honestly, I have no idea how people choose Ryanair more than once in their lifetime."
Pros: "Reasonable cabin bag allowance."
Cons: "Even with priority boarding, kept standing as long time in a freezing tunnel."
Pros: "Prompt take off and landed on schedule"
Cons: "Slow baggage recovery due to automation and a small carousel"
Pros: "Cheap efficient flight."
Cons: "Only two toilets were working. Big queues. Flight delayed by a passenger vomiting with chest pains as we left the standing. She refused to disembark until the captain insisted! Not Ryanair fault."
Cons: "I booked on kayak an had to pay 31 euros for a checked bag. If I had booked with Ryan air it would have been only 12 euros. So annoyed that kayak doesn't let you add a bag when book My!"
Cons: "The really need one of their newer planes ✈️ for the lanzorote route. Longer seatbelts needed."
Pros: "Punctual flight. Pleasant cabin staff"
Cons: "Cabin was so cold that ice was forming on the inside of the cabin wall. Paid for adjacent seats - unnecessary as there were available adjacent seats we could have been allocated."
Pros: "Flying was excellent"
Cons: "Delays on the ground with no indication of that on the message boards"
Pros: "That there was a possibility the plane crashed, so my flight would end earlier."
Cons: "Everything."
Cons: "I've been using the same bag for years and never had to pay for luggage when flying Ryanair. My bag fits perfectly in those metal things they put in the airport. With plenty of room to spare. The lady at the check in said it was too big. Then I showed her how my bag fits with plenty of room to spare. But then she said it also needs to go up and down if I put it sideways. Basically my bag by volume is much smaller than the standard, but is about half centimeter wider. This was enough for her to force me to pay 50 Euros. I didn't believe I should pay but there was no option. It was either pay or not fly since boarding was almost finished. She made me sign a paper to"acknowledge" that my bag wasn't the right fit. I had no option. I really feel this treatment was un-dignifying. I will never fly with Ryanair again."
Pros: "We were priority so it was fine otherwise it would have been a mess."
Cons: "No tvs or beverages without paying. Otherwise everything was great"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Check in, crowds, cramped seats"
Pros: "Once boarded it was very smooth"
Cons: "Over 3&a half hours delay was sooooo painful"
Pros: "Cheap as chips and only took an hour instead of 90 mins; happy out!"
Pros: "Ryanair prices are good. You do have to keep in mind to pack light as they do charge for any bag that cannot be brought onto the plane."
Cons: "Would like to have one bag checked for free."
Cons: "Booked online & didn't read the fine print. Therefore never registered & had to pay $60 penalty. Did get an e/m 2 days before the flight but was in Poland at the time with no access to my e/m. Don't remember being asked about luggage online so had to pay $40 for my ck'd bag that I thought was excessive. Don't understand if I book online & get a confirmation why I have to register. Seems to me it's another unnecessary nuisance to scam senior citizens like myself. Since you cost me another $100 don't think I'll ever fly Ryanair again. Milt Kriger"
Cons: "I did call the Ryanair Airline to confirm my flight 2 weeks before I go to the tours . They told me everything was fine. But when we get to the airport today , they do charged us £180 /4 luggage, we were so mad . I NEVER think about come back to travel with Ryanair Airline and also tell to all my friends and family don't EVER trust Ryanair Airline...!!! Also we're seated separate events the next seat wasn't have nobody... So sad and so mad .... Hopefully the Ryanair Director know about this happening????"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Cons: "annoying web site. annoying weight restrictions."
Pros: "It seems if you don't pay for the seat attribution, the system splits automatically group/couple even if with infant! My husband and I have been separated by more than 30 rows but we had 2 aisle seats! Hopefully a kind person has accepted to exchange his middle seat with my husband seat. In addition, there was no priority to boarding with infant if. You don't pay the priority boarding (although we have to carry the baby in our arm). We have to ask several times to have the specific belt for infant, hopefully it was not our first flight and we knew it was mandatory! We have as well asked for a life jacket for our 4 months baby and they informed us infant and adult life jacket are in the same place above the seat..."
Cons: "Lack of safety rules for infant (to request seat belt, no infant life jacket) Priority of buying options rather to help when traveling with infant (automatic separation on seat distribution, no boarding priority)"
Pros: "They are al so helpful"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Cheap..ish, reasonable experience."
Pros: "Very clean."
Cons: "Was an hour late leaving because it was late arriving in Amsterdam. Gate updates weren't helpful."
Pros: "When I paid for the upgraded priority seat, why did the crew give the seat next to me away for free? Shouldn't he pay just like we had to? She said it was because he has long legs. Well, so does my husband and we paid for that seat in 1-A and 1-B. So, the man who took 1-C proceeded to be rude and rest his arm on mine the entire trip. FAIL!"
Cons: "When I paid for the upgraded priority seat, why did the crew give the seat next to me away for free? Shouldn't he pay just like we had to? She said it was because he has long legs. Well, so does my husband and we paid for that seat in 1-A and 1-B. So, the man who took 1-C proceeded to be rude and rest his arm on mine the entire trip. FAIL!"
Pros: "I chose Ryanair because of their 10kg cabin baggage allowance. They've really improved from my past (and after that I swore I'd never use them again) experience. Really slick."
Cons: "Constant trying to sell you extras."
Cons: "The announcements over the PA system are garbled. I challenge you to sit in the body of the Plane and compare the diction on the Security announcement to that of Pilots/Cabin Crew This is particularly relevant when the Pilot recommends passengers to keep their belts fastened during flights. Cabin Crew fail on repetitive announcements -such as food service. It is almost like a race to see can they beat a time set by a previous Crew member on the flight out!!"
Pros: "The price was very good, new plane crew were efficient and no hold ups brill."
Cons: "Never been on a flight that doesn't even include 1 drink. Seats where very uncomfortable and not a lot of space. Never again!"
Pros: "Crew were good"
Cons: "Checkin was a mess 90 guaranteed hand luggage is farcical Control of hand luggage is a joke"
Pros: "Cheap fast"
Cons: "Small comp. no food entertainment good crew"
Pros: "Quick, cheap and easy"
Cons: "Ryanair have never been comfortable flights"
Pros: "You go for Ryanair because of the price. Nothing else. Don't expect any frills. You get the flight. That is all it is."
Cons: "Boarding makes you feel like cattle. They basically let you stand on the tarmac while they clean the plane. Seating is maxed out, so don't expect leg space. Flight attendants sometimes don't speak proper English. It might be coincidence but both Flights had extreme hard landings, which makes me question the training of the pilots."
Cons: "I had to go back and forth between customer service desk and check in and security lines six times in order to board my flight. The people at check in were nice but the process is inefficient. I got handwritten, paper receipts for my payments! Are we in 1978? There was no boarding announcement but the flight left late anyway."
Pros: "Leg room, we sat at the exit row"
Cons: "It was never made clear that there would be extra fees with Ryanair by checking in at the airport. We had no Internet connection in Dublin and therefore no opportunity to check in beforehand online, nor see that these fees would be charged: this is entirely unique to this awful airline. Got stuck with a 45€ fee per person. They also claimed that a tiny meal was included, so we ordered paninis, only to be charged 10€ per sandwich. Ridiculous. And they have the gall to claim to be the "low fare airline"--never again will we fly with Ryanair."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Knock to Arrecife

Airlines flying from Knock to Arrecife have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Knock to Arrecife

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Knock to Arrecife

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Knock to Arrecife

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Knock to Arrecife

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