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RyanairOverall score based on 17661 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Bought a seat 3 hours before check in and had a row to myself"
Cons: "Excellent Ryanair flight. 75% full. Very friendly crew."
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Pros: "Bought a seat 3 hours before check in and had a row to myself"
Cons: "Excellent Ryanair flight. 75% full. Very friendly crew."
Cons: "If the seat and sitting area would have been cleaner and if you could recline your seat"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ryanair’s app was down preventing me from check-in for my flight. When I went to the counter to get my boarding passes printed, the agent informed me that they where going to charge me 55€ per ticket. I think this is unfair! Never flying again with this airline!"
Pros: "Great crew. :)"
Cons: "Landing a little bumpy this time but overall a good flight."
Cons: "Dirty aircraft"
Cons: "Plane was late as most Ryanair flights in the afternoon are expected to be."
Pros: "While the movies choices were limited and the quality not that great, the price was not large either."
Cons: "We lost our bag."
Pros: "EI-GSH, we were on one of Ryanair's newest planes at only six months old. Seats were comfy and flying at night, everything was well organised. Crew were helpful and approachable."
Cons: "I was aiming to buy something from the gifts trolley on-board (the small 1:200 scale Ryanair plane) but they didn't have any available. Fair enough as they were days away from shifting stock to the summer magazine, fingers crossed it'll make it to the new selection!"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Airport personal seems to pick and target few people only to force the new bag policy on whilst others go through unquestioned. I wasn’t involved but could how some people from a different national background seemed targeted by ground staff"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "The crew and the timeliness of the flight."
Cons: "The level of comfort. Pretty terrible airplane seats, but are tolerable if you’re doing a short flight."
Pros: "Onboard crew were great, rally professional under very trying circumstances."
Cons: "Ryanair ALWAYS late out of Lourdes, but they insist on herding all passengers into small waiting area where we all wait for ages, no food/drink, no flight info, screaming babies, hot sun, etc. Looking for another route to S. France..."
Pros: "None"
Cons: "Boarding improvement Delay flight both ways one hour l missed reservations of car as will hotel this costs me money"
Pros: "Early arrival."
Cons: "Waiting in hallway and then tarmac to board."
Pros: "Best Ryanair flight I have been on. We'll organized from start to finish"
Pros: "Flight on-time, friendly to baby. Did not have food and no entertainment."
Cons: "Took long time to pick up baggage (could be an issue at BCN airport). Would be great to arrange seating (sit next to my wife) when seats are randomly picked up"
Cons: "I received a message instructing me to check-in online and so I did. However, I need ver received the screenshot of the boarding pass or an email for that matter. When I try to check in at the counter they had me go to the other end of the airport and pay 20€ for them to "print" the boarding pass. What a racket!! Never again."
Pros: "Cheap cheap cheap!"
Cons: "I find it incredibly ridiculous that a flight is half full and I’m deliberately seated away from my husband just so Ryan Air can make an extra £4 per seat. I get that they want to make money but that’s pushing it too far. I sat next to someone who was also traveling with someone else. That lady’s companion came back and told her the seat next to her was empty. By then everyone was already settled in. Is it really worth the £8 for two people? I’m sorry but that’s just petty."
Pros: "Reasonable cabin bag allowance."
Cons: "Even with priority boarding, kept standing as long time in a freezing tunnel."
Pros: "Crew were nice"
Cons: "Seating was cramped"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Flight from Edinburgh to Baden Baden was delayed like every single other flight on this trip but at least checked in to hotel and got 3.5 hours sleep instead of the intended 5 hrs sleep."
Cons: "Got to the airport at 5.15 am, got through security and only then was notified that flight was delayed from 6.45 till 8 am. No breakfast! As this flight was to Israel we were separated from passengers at the other gates and were not allowed to wonder round the duty free area to find coffee or anything to eat. Those without hand luggage were allowed but re checked and frisked at the extra security check. Even babies had shoes removed and feet scanned, so clueless. Then we never made it to Ovda but were diverted to Tel Aviv. Landed an hour late there and waited till they sent a bus to take us 4 hr journey to Ovda. Arrived in Ovda 7 hrs late, no food, no drinks tired and very hungry."
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "Agent at counter are very rude and disrespectful. Will not tell you agents name to be able to report your problems. Screaming is the only thing that they seem to know how to do."
Cons: "We are being transferred by bus to Ovda. The airport will be shut for the sabbath and nobody knows yet how we will get to Eilat which is a further 45 minutes away. We weren't given food, nothing. I still have to pick up urgent prescription medication from an available pharmacy before I get home. Horrible experience. What's worse Eilat Airport is closer and weather OK there today"
Pros: "Great trip, right on time, plane was clean, colors are a little weird, guessing some one is a Michigan football fan"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "The flight boarding was delayed by 45 mins originally, which was added 15 mins onto then half an hour when we were then we were all very badly moved to another area when I say very badly, we were given poor instructions and me and some other passengers almost ended up on the wring flight. After we finally got to where we were supposed to be half hour was said that came and gone then another 15 mins when we were moved back to boarding area. Another half hour finally got boarded then and after this was the usual great Ryanair experience."
Cons: "The flight boarding was delayed by 45 mins originally, which was added 15 mins onto then half an hour when we were then we were all very badly moved to another area when I say very badly, we were given poor instructions and me and some other passengers almost ended up on the wring flight. After we finally got to where we were supposed to be half hour was said that came and gone then another 15 mins when we were moved back to boarding area. Another half hour finally got boarded"
Cons: "I paid an upgrade of my ticket and they charged me $60+ dollars for not doing online check-in. AMAZINGLY BAD."
Pros: "First off, my airfare was less than the train fare from the airport into the city. THAT is unreal! And my flight wasn't cancelled (bonus!). Checked in online and was a bit worried that I only had my boarding pass on my phone rather than printed - turned out NOT a problem. Full flight, but boarding was a breeze. I had two carry on bags (not a problem) and no check in bags (recommended, but cannot comment on baggage handling). Crew was friendly and professional. Passengers all seemed content. It was a short flight, so I didn't bother with any of the in-flight service, which they charge for. All-in-all, no complaints whatsoever."
Cons: "What's not to like?"
Pros: "Crew were attentive, flight was easy going"
Cons: "Boarding took longer than expected"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight was an hour late without notice. I payed for selected seating and was not seated with my husband, I payed more for my luggage than the air fair, had to pay for water. Pushing for product sales. The most unrelaxing ride I have ever been on. And complicated checkin online."
Pros: "La atención durante el vuelo que duró 30 minutos"
Cons: "El trato del personal durante el abordaje . PÉSIMO !!!"
Pros: "There is a large lounge at the gate at Gatwick that the passengers could have been checked into prior to boarding commencing, but this was not used. Instead, A large queue was in place for over 40 minutes and once boarding commenced, as many were checking cabin bags into the hold, boarding took about 30 minutes, delaying the flight by 30 minutes"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ryanair boarded the plane only for us to be stuck inside a dirty stinky tunnel with no plane at the end of it. Crying children, moaning kids, no air conditioning, for about 1.5 hours. Ryanair as a company KNEW they'd be delayed, yet they board us into a disgusting tunnel to sit on the floor with no toilets no water nothing. We then board but at this point I was deathly ill and Ryanair didn't take care of us at all with any free refreshments like they should have for being late. Disgusting service. Won't be flying with them ever again this happens way too often."
Cons: "Had to pay 36 euros to get printed boarding passes."
Pros: "The flight was delayed. No one took charge of boarding. Passengers talked over announcements."
Cons: "I felt it ironic that our two smallish rolling duffel bags were not the right parameters to take on board, and just enough over the weight limit to rack up bag charges of about 35 E ea, ea way between Dublin and Glasgow, so actually our luggage charge is more than our set of tickets for this particular trip. No wonder the owner's a billionaire--however, on the positive side, the pilot landed "like butter" in Glasgow AND we heard that the Ryanair owner actually does pay millions in taxes for the good of Ireland. (Sigh...)"
Cons: "When I got to the airport they made my family pay 200 Euros for not checking in online! This is basically robbery, since I had no choice but paying it without ruining the trip of a lifetime. I've never encountered such a fee from any other airline. It's true that they sent an email warning a couple days before, but I was already traveling, so didn't check my email very carefully. I chose Ryanair in order to save money, despite their planes being less comfortable (seats don't lean back at all) and I don't mind too much having to walk onto the runway in order to board the plane. I very careful to to exceed their very strict carry-on weight limits. But in the end it still wound up being the most expensive and frustrating option."
Pros: "Very unorganized and discretion about what was a carry on bag differed. I was charged an extrodinary fee while others did not."
Cons: "thought i checked in on line; apparently didn't submit and was charge $50 euro x 2."
Pros: "But not in a great way! Seat was pretty comfortable. Flight arrived on time."
Cons: "It was a loud booze cruise flight from Dublin to Malaga. Very happy Irish holiday makers. it was loud but the passengers mostly were good sorts. The flight attendants were pretty rude--never excusing themselves or apologizing for pushing past people. The toilet in the front was disgusting. NO HaNDSOAP. Told attendant--no soap, she said. Very nasty situation. i think it will be my only Ryanair trip."
Pros: "On time flight"
Cons: "Walking through endless sales & loud music to get to airplane"
Pros: "Cabin crew were brilliant and dealt with all questions with ease. Well trained team and immaculate appearance."
Cons: "Rough landings but not sure if that's due to aircraft model."
Pros: "Plane was late and no reason given until we were sitting on the plane."
Pros: "Cheap Flight"
Cons: "Initial check in was horrendous, even though I had a carry on size luggage the flight crew at the gate told me I had to make my luggage smaller. How is one suppose to shrink the size of their luggage when there is no extra bag to remove items into. .... then she said take it out or else check in bag prices are 60 Euros. So once i did remove.barely nothing.. do you know what happened? They gave me a free check in...held up the line."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by an hour and a half. Rude staff."
Pros: "Planes are new."
Cons: "Ryaniar uses questionable practices to charge for services that are free on almost all other airlines. What is most offensive is not the fact that they charge but they make it difficult for passengers to reduce or avoid such fees."
Pros: "Cost of the ticket but then...,"
Cons: "We could not print the tickets. Called Ryan they said just print at the airport. We arrived 2 hours before our flight and were told go back to the machine, and print tickets. We were charged 15 euros x 6 tickets. The agent said, "you should have been here 3 hours early to avoid the charge." Probably will not fly with them again. Why wouldn't they mention this when we sat on hold to tell them we could not get the tickets to print??"
Cons: "Queueing up by 35 degrees in the sun with a baby Being told that the cabin luggage babyzen cannot go in the cabin while we had paid for all our other luggage to be checked in Being told by on board staff that buggy is given back at aircraft at arrival while this is completely misleading as this never happens"

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