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Cork (ORK)
Berlin Brandenburg
Wed 12/5
Wed 19/5
Any month
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Low season

JuneBest time to beat the crowds (46% less expensive on average)

High season

MarchMost popular time to fly (34% more expensive on average)

Average price (return flight)

€222(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal (return flight)

€229or less

Good deal one-way

€80or less

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for €80 or less one-way and €229 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be February, March and April. The cheapest month to fly is June.

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How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights from Cork to Berlin?

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What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from Cork to Berlin?

Top airline flying Cork to Berlin Brandenburg

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Overall score based on 18,052 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Crew were friendly"
Cons: "Chose priority boarding, waste of time so did everyone else. Long queues to board."

Cons: "No issues"

Pros: "Comfortable flight"
Cons: "Delayed, big queue to board plane"

Pros: "not a lot"
Cons: "I paid for extra legroom in row 2?There isn't any and to radd insult to injury the person next to me had been allocated his seat without paying any more than the basic fare.I spent most of the flight in a vacant standard seat which gave me more leg room than than that which I had paid for.It was a total ripoff."

Pros: "Airport security was efficient."
Cons: "Every group on plane seemed to have been purposely split up even though there were many empty seats. Difficult to book luggage on the website. They said there were strict size limits on cabin bags, but when we got to the gate they didn’t check any - we had to pay for an extra bag in hold when we could have just used a bigger bag for hand luggage. Everything was difficult. Bag drop didn’t work - we had to queue to to go to the desk 3 times and the lady eventually did it herself. Staff were polite and nice."

Cons: "5 hour delay, flying from another city, no refreshments or meals offered at the time of waiting, staff confused"

Pros: "Price, flight crew."
Cons: "The gate was in a sheet-metal hangar outside the terminal alongside the parked plane, no bathroom or seating. We had to line up for the plane outside in the night air for 30 minutes before boarding. We were overcharged for checked baggage."

Pros: "This flight issues were so plentiful they provided me with knowledge on how not to run an airline."
Cons: "5 X delays, Incompetent pilot, No organisation of ground crew 2.5hr late"

Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Flight was delayed by an hour-no explanation provided"

Pros: "Priority boarding"
Cons: "The delay in boarding particularly as no explanation was given."

Pros: "Got home."
Cons: "They managed to mangle the queuing in the terminal, getting everybody on theit feet and I need the queue 20 minutes before boarding started and then have us standing in a queue on the stairs for ten minutes. The flight was delayed an hour or so, and pass Nebraska then asked to take their seats quickly as if they had caused the delay. The crew were tired but polite. Standard Ryanair fight, really, run for the airline’s convenience rather than the passengers’ comfort."

Cons: "More than 1.5 hours delay, they took my luggage from me, so I had to take out my laptop because the Budapest airport luggage handler thieves. Very loud speakers inside, the seating is very uncomfortable, small legspace and also you cannot put even your glasses in front of you because of lack of storage place. long walking to and from the plane, and you have to wait for ages in front ot the checking desk, than in the hot bus down. Overall totally inhuman experience."

Pros: "There was basically nothing that I liked/enjoyed"
Cons: "The staff was rude and unhelpful"

Cons: "Delayed"

Cons: "When check in took place we were kept in a dark,cold,wet & windy covered area for about 10/15 minutes before being allowed to board the plane. This is really unacceptable in this day & age."

Cons: "Delayed take off 20 minutes late from Cork, now at STN, we stuck on the plane because the ladder and stairs to get off the plane are not ready?????? Do we blame Ryanair???? Second time I have had this excuse while flying with them!!!! Maybe this is what you get when you fly with an airline who cut corners and costs?????"

Pros: "0"
Cons: "Being delayed an lied too"

Cons: "1. I brought a trolley according to the specifications in the web page and the message sent to me. They claim it was too big, even though it did fit into the box they use to measure the luggage, saying that it fitted too tight, and insisted on my paying an extra 50 euro. 2. They purposely split family members in the hope that people will pay extra to sit together. We did it on the first leg, but then managed to switch seats without extra cost in the second leg. It just required several people switching around."

Pros: "Boarded from gate beside the executive lounge."

Pros: "Very cheap flight, attentive and polite cabin crew"
Cons: "Delayed flight but left standing at the departure gate in Dublin waiting 30 mins for no reason"

Cons: "Ground staff made final boarding call too soon. Had to rush from the lounge only to find no passengers had left the terminal steps to walk to the plane to board."

Cons: "This was my first time flying RyanAir, I will never again. I did have to pay the luggage fee, I don't understand why you have to lift your luggage through the size measuring device when clearly my luggage would have fit in the overhead compartments. Aside from that, I thought the lighting (yellow lighting!) and the advertisements all over the interior was tacky and distracting from having a calm, relaxing flight. I don't think the $$ saved is worth going through this again."

Pros: "price"
Cons: "all the extra charges... late take off not being able to get the seat desired general nervousness due to low level of confidence in the company"

Pros: "Boarding was quick and the crew efficient, a shortish 2hr flight comfort was perfectly adequate"
Cons: "The breakfast burrito was tasteless, i would have rather have done without."

Cons: "I was informed at the departure gate that my carry-on baggage cannot be brought to the airplane and I was forced to pay 50euro at the last minute for the baggage fee. The ironic part was I have gone through the check-in desk to ask for whether my carry on fits Ryanair standard or not. That was very unprofessional and inconsistent way of handling the issue."

Pros: "The seats were comfortable and boarding was easy. I thi k u should atleast give free cup of water or tea when its winter to your guests. Nothing more. I think its a bit mean not to aleast offer a free cup of tea or water."
Cons: "Not being offered a free cup of aleast tea."

Pros: "Nice smooth flight"

Cons: "Our flight from Menorca to Barcelona was delayed. We got to Barcelona for our flight to Berlin about 3 minutes after checked baggage was closed. They refused to let us check our bags so we had to go through security with are checked luggage. I had to throw away three beautiful bottles of French and Spanish wine. They also told us that the next flight they could get us on was Sunday when our flight that we were on was on a Thursday. So, we ran through the airport, through security, and through the terminal to get to our flight. We arrived at our gate to see that no one had boarded and an announcement that our flight had been delayed an hour. Not one person on the Ryanair team told us about the delay. It was an awful experience and I will never fly cheap airlines again. It's not worth the savings."

Cons: "An obnoxious hen party disrupted our enjoyment of the flight. Cabin crew didn't try to control them"

Pros: "Throughout flight constantly making announcements like an auction to sell you stuff was late to arrive"

Pros: "Fast boarding and deplaning. Organized luggage stowage. Friendly crew."
Cons: "The legroom has gotten to be a joke. What's next? The honey-comb? If you can't have pockets on the back of the seat, it's gone too far."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "tried to check in 2 times was bumped out however was able to pay for priority boarding and suitcase. assumed I was checked in, the computer would not go any further. at the gate I will charge $128 nice scam"

Cons: "Disorganized. Stand in line 3 times. The fare should includes bags or state that when booking for flight. Was not show we have to pay for seat assigment."

Pros: "I liked how cheap RyanAir was to fly. It made hopping from GB to Ireland easier and cheaper."
Cons: "The only problem with RyanAir was their check in process. If you don't check in online you pay 50£ My wife and I didn't have a printer and that was problematic because they didn't have mobile boarding passes. Even with their iPhone app."

Pros: "I needed to be in London early as I had a connecting flight and Ryanair got me there on time"
Cons: "Standsted security not opening the door to the terminal when we arrived by bus from the plane."

Cons: "The flight attendant was very rude and the way she stared at me because I told her the free spot was for my bag... It hurt me. The flight attendant they should be with a smile on their face and try to help the passengers, not treat them like rubbish."

Pros: "Cleanliness, polite crew, on time departure and landing. Good price."
Cons: "Priority boarding line....weird spit behind columns @ the gate, like we were hiding... uncomfortable spot, no chair / bench to sit for elderly passengers."

Cons: "Extortionate prices for water!! Water of all things should be complimentary on flights in my opinion! Air-conditioning on flights can make you dry and when you have to pay for it at this price it makes it hard to fathom how they get away with this kind of pricing!!"

Cons: "I tried to check in on line but because of their website was unable to. So we were charged 45 euro each for a boarding pass. That is unacceptable. I would not recommend this airline."

Pros: "The plane didn't seem too old."
Cons: "My checked bag price was more than the cost of my ticket. I didn't realize that there was no checked bag included in the price. Then when I went to the counter to check-in, I had to go to a separate window to pay for the bag, which took about 15min just to process. I have been on other airlines that have had upcharges, but these were taken care of by the same agent that checks you in, 1) I had a charge that I thought was included the price 2) II had to step out of line to a separate line in order to pay and then take the receipt of payment back to the gate agent. Really annoying, especially if you are pressed for time for your flight. It reminded me of Spirit airlines in the US, nickel and diming you all along, where you end up paying almost as much - or more - for a lot less. I had heard stories about the cheap ways of the airline. They have been confirmed and I won't fly them again."

Pros: "Crew and organized operating system"
Cons: "I couldnt slepp in flight"

Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "It was way to small, no room. Rough take off and landing"

Cons: "never board on the time indicated on the ticket. boarding is chaotic; no groups, no organization! waited for the luggage for an hour."

Pros: "The price"
Cons: "They will hit you for more money every chance they get. Checked baggage. Not printing boarding pass prior to getting to the airport."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I flew from Cork Ireland to PMI and unfortunately a large group of young adults boarded as well. They were drunk, obnoxious, adding around a bottle of alcohol singing loud songs over the announcements. The crew did not control them properly and even had to call the police upon landing. Poorly handled situation that made the rest of the passengers suffer through the appalling behavior."

Pros: "Easy boarding"

Cons: "I arrived at the airport 2 hours early to make sure I had plenty of time to find my way around. I found out 45 minutes before my flight that it was delayed 5 hours. They apologized and offered us a $5 voucher for food/ non alcoholic beverage. $5 is like maybe 35% off a meal without a beverage. I wouldn't have even eaten there had it not been for the delay, so I ended up spending more money there to get some dinner. 7 hours in a small airport without things todo makes for a very long day. It also would have been nice if the airport had charging stations for your phone and electronic devices."

Pros: "Crew were friendly. Boarding seemed to take forever but the crew were smiley and bright."
Cons: "Landing late at night and having to wait for buses. When you book a seat at the front, the buses mess with the order so you end up on the last bus to leave, last to reach customs, last to get out of the airport. From touchdown to taxi - one hour with no bags to collect - that's very poor. Arriving at midnight with children this extended delay turns a sleepy activity into a fractious activity. If there was another choice on the route, with better options, would happily pay more to take it."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They made us miss our flight! Very rude and disorganized customer service."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Cork to Berlin

Airlines flying from Cork to Berlin have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Cork to Berlin

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Cork to Berlin

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Cork to Berlin

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Cork to Berlin

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