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RyanairOverall score based on 17663 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The crew was really nice with the passengers"
Cons: "They made us wait at the gate an hour without saying nothing, and then inside the plane, we had to wait 30 minutes to departure, and they didn't explain anything neither."
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Pros: "The crew was really nice with the passengers"
Cons: "They made us wait at the gate an hour without saying nothing, and then inside the plane, we had to wait 30 minutes to departure, and they didn't explain anything neither."
Cons: "The delay is to be changed"
Pros: "Fare"
Cons: "Seat rows are close together"
Pros: "Efficient and cheap"
Cons: "Another passenger had exactly the same seat number as me which caused confusion and an uncomfortable situation"
Cons: "AC needs to be on as the cabin was extremely warm on entering"
Pros: "Quick flight, low cost."
Cons: "Didn’t follow the rules with the checked bag as was unclear. No problem, but staff member aggressively explaining over and over when understood the first time. Would rather have just been charged than getting and ear bashing. Staff were main problem, not particularly friendly. Fault with plane?"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "No back steps when landed To long to disembark"
Pros: "I got an email from Kayak letting me know that my flight was delayed from Shannon to Stansted I received the email at approx 23:00 the night before the 07:00 morning flight The email told me the flight was 3&1/2 hrs late Ryanair let me know at 0750 on the day 10 mins before take off A joke So thank god for kayak what an app Brilliant keep up the good work 3rd Jan 2019 flight FR102"
Cons: "Ryanair would have let me stand around for 3 1/2 hours Then told of the flight problem Thanks Kayak"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ryanair out right lies to their customers on their mobile app. Says you can bring one small carry on, mine was very small...laptop and they forced me to check it - I carried on no bags at all. I was day travel with only a computer bag. AND..they were completely rude about the entire experience. Staff was disgusting. Do not fly on Ryanair. I will never fly this airline again. Terrible."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Should be more information instead of waiting around airport They must know when a planes going to be late"
Pros: "Very good"
Cons: "i' sat in row 10 with aspare seat next to me, my wife is in row 32 with 2 empty seat s next to her.Otherwise all good."
Cons: "We did not have internet and computer access during our trip and when we arrived at the airport to check in we were told that there was a high fee for airport checkin. Never in my 30 years of airline travel have i experienced such s redicilous and outragous thing. I paid 196 euros today because we were not able to check in online rven though Ryanaiir had several checkin counters!. This was certainly the last time i flew with Ryanair and I will share this experience with my friends and family."
Pros: "The flight crew were friendly when we finally got on the plane 3 hours late"
Cons: "3 hours late getting on the plane at Shannon and 45 mins waiting on tarmac waiting to be ready to disembark"
Pros: "On time departure and arrival Cheap low fares Effiencent helpful staff"
Cons: "Expensive water on board"
Pros: "The price of the ticket"
Cons: "The check in process"
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Flight was late. They announced that it was time to start boarding so we left our seating area in the airport just to go stand around for a half hour. Then they scanned our passes and made us stand outside in the windy cold for another 15 minutes. They should’ve let us stay where we were until the plane was actually ready."
Pros: "The most relaxed Ryanair flight I have ever been on"
Pros: "Boarding and flying time very good"
Cons: "Noisy passengers (stag party and 40birthday)"
Pros: "The crew were very friendly and very helpful with my sister struggling with her baggage due to her breaking her arm a few weeks ago. The crew on the ground at Shannon and on-board the flight could not do any more for us."
Cons: "The seating arrangements whereby we had to pay extra to sit together despite us booking the three tickets all at the same time. Ryanair are over-charging their customers with these hidden charges which are only declared at the check-in stage"
Cons: "The flight was 2 and a half hours delayed and the crew did not even mention it, never mind a line of apology. I gave them a chance after 8 years and I regret it. You save with Ryanair, only if your own time is worthless."
Pros: "Got the best fairs, had it booked well in advance No hassle"
Cons: "On arrival all trains were cancelled and it was very hard to find a bus or someone to talk to but that was a separate issue"
Pros: "We didn't crash and I arrived at my destination safely."
Cons: "The flight was 90 mins late, we were herded like cattle onto the plane which was filthy with empty sweet wrappers littering the entirecabin, which in turn was full of crying children (whose parents appeared powerless/unwilling to comfort them). While none of this was helped by the poor weather creating epic turbulence and a near-miss with another aeroplane, I did take a flight the following day with EuroWings in identical weather which was far better controlled with less nausea-inducing turbulence so I do feel I can blame Ryanair for feeling quite sick as we left the plane. If we'd had to go in for a 3rd landing attempt, I'd probably have turned up for my meeting all covered in vomit as they don't even provide sick bags! Ryanair isn't just basic and cheap, they don't even do the basics properly. It's as though they're deliberately trying to make the experience as horrible as possible. Ryanair is dreadful. Never again!"
Pros: "Got an extra leg room seat when asked for it"
Cons: "Late arriving got of plane was left waiting when asked when the bus to terminal we were told it's wierd it's Stansted airport"
Pros: "Great Flight. Great Staff"
Pros: "Always travel Ryan air when possible just returned from Italy having flown with them so was disappointed when we were just left hanging around with this flight"
Cons: "Not being told what was happening having people waiting at stanstead paying for parking"
Pros: "Announcements for closing flights at checkin counter area."
Cons: "We were in the line which went along smoothly until we were just a few people before being served. There was a couple that had issues and the entire line of people including me had to wait in a standstill for 30 minutes. It made me run to my closed gate but did get on. The solution is to have a counter they could have moved to just for big issues rather than hold up 50 people. So sort of plan B for big problem flyers. It was lame. All else was fine and will fly again. Thanks, Chris G. San Francisco California"
Cons: "It was delayed. Haggled about luggage and then allowed us to take it on when at first they were forcing us to check it. Overall it was one of those flights you were just ready to get it over with"
Pros: "the crew was very nice."
Cons: "expensive for the service."
Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "Our flight was late to take off, and had to queue for 30 minutes at Shannon - before the plane had even landed. At stansted then had to get a long bus to the terminal and wait on the bus for 10 minutes because they couldn't open the doors. Luckily after a sprint to the station we made the last stansted express of the evening (£28 return each - 'London' airports for you)"
Pros: "Everything went fine, boarding was super fast and efficient."
Cons: "Having a flight a bit later would be good, but besides that everything was fine."
Pros: "The board crew was very friendly The flight left on time"
Cons: "The plane was dirty"
Pros: "Overall was fine."
Cons: "The chairs are way far be replaced as they are extremely uncomfortable. Thanks anyway and all the best"
Pros: "Promptness. This airline strives to be on time and it shows."
Cons: "Can't come up with a dislike."
Pros: "Early arrival. Very friendly crew which is not always the case with ryanair."
Pros: "The price was fantastic! the best around :)"
Cons: "There was no notification from cabin crew to advise us to ensure we collect our luggage BEFORE we go through the glass doors at Gatwick. We were expecting to show our passport and collect our luggage from the carrousel but didn't realise until after we went through the glass doors and had to wait over 40 mins for it to be brought to us. What was so astonishing- we were told we weren't the only ones this happened to. It would be very useful if cabin crew made the passengers aware of this to avoid it happening time after time with others/flights"
Pros: "Boarding"
Cons: "I got wet standing on tarmac in rain"
Pros: "The team was nice."
Cons: "DELAY on this route is very normal appearance."
Pros: "On time, great price."
Cons: "Cold breeze when I can out of the Terminal building!"
Pros: "All is done smoothly"
Cons: "Delayed for over an hour"
Pros: "Ryan Air is the worst airline. They rip off unassuming people by exorbitant charges at the airport."
Cons: "The customer service is nonexistent and the companies policies ar designed to take advantage of customers."
Pros: "I didn't like anything"
Cons: "The crew was very stricted. Even the shoulder bag he told me to put it in the cabinet"
Pros: "Quick and easy speedy self checkin system. Quick flight."
Cons: "Cattle market feel for boarding as everybody wants hand luggage near by"
Pros: "Our sits were covered in crumbs and the floor super wet"
Cons: "On time"
Cons: "the flight seemed full and therefore, since it was very much delayed, the ground crew set about getting people to check in their carry on bags. I'm not sure why we were chosen, since we were not at the end of the line, and some in front of us and behind us were not asked to check their bags (which were actually larger than ours). In he plane we were unhappy to realize that there was enough space overhead for our bags. Had to wait an extra 20-25 minutes in London after and already very late flight. So: not the best."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Free snack and 1 water could have been nice"
Pros: "It was very poor and misleading regarding the price. To charge 45 Pounds for a suitcase borders on rip off."
Cons: "Cannot think of anything"
Pros: "Quick, cheap and easy"
Cons: "Ryanair have never been comfortable flights"
Pros: "You go for Ryanair because of the price. Nothing else. Don't expect any frills. You get the flight. That is all it is."
Cons: "Boarding makes you feel like cattle. They basically let you stand on the tarmac while they clean the plane. Seating is maxed out, so don't expect leg space. Flight attendants sometimes don't speak proper English. It might be coincidence but both Flights had extreme hard landings, which makes me question the training of the pilots."

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