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RyanairOverall score based on 18458 reviews
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It was late… the seat was so worn out I could feel the seat frame.

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It was late… the seat was so worn out I could feel the seat frame.

Very friendly staff at the airport and onboard.

Boarding and special attendance not managed well by ground crew. Also to late in general. After 90 Min. delayed boarding, it was found that technical repairs of the plain were needed before taxying. Immense waste of time for everybody, Ryan / Malta Air seemed to be doing it all for the first time. Not acceptable.

Pros: "i dont like this airline system"
Cons: "check in not easy"
Pros: "Everything about my flight"
Cons: "I love everything"
Cons: "Very bad service. Everything is bad"
Cons: "Massive delay"
Pros: "While the movies choices were limited and the quality not that great, the price was not large either."
Cons: "Dont speak every 5 mn Dont play with light every 10 mn Dont Try to sell lotery or food Dont limit every lugage like drugs prices ...."
Pros: "I do not know why we could not select seat upon booking - so that my wife and I could have sat next to each other. I know it's away you would like to make extra cash - but its a bit silly"
Cons: "The Yellow colour on seats - juts looks bad"
Pros: "At first. One too we know the flight was delayed about 30 minutes. Then we got the information that the flight doesn’t go the Brussels but Liège. So from Liège we have to finish the travel with a bus 1 hours 30 minutes to arrive at the airport in Brussels. It’s 11:30 so we have to take a taxi 50 euro to the city."
Cons: "The worst was with all these problems, Ryanair didn’t offer any drink or food to passengers."
Pros: "Quickness with the site. Easy to use"
Cons: "1) my first issue is that my card was charged 2x before having to run it a 3rd time to guarantee my flight. I guess Kayak and Ryanair do not communicate as easily as other carriers. 2) I was charged $50 Euro at the counter for NOT checking in. I attempted to check in numerous times, but it was not allowing me to check in. I received a booking confirmation, but never received a confirmation ID that would have allowed me to check in on the flight. I would appreciate if Kayak would have a response to this?"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Having to pay fee for airport check in."
Pros: "V efficient airport. Got through quickly and no rushing due to size. V pleasant staff despite full plane. Nice flight path over by Ireland’s highest mountain range on the departure. Also nice sunset on right of plane. All on time"
Cons: "Maybe enough seats for everyone after security but obv right for space"
Pros: "Quick disembarking due to quite empty plane ( for ryanair that usually has full )"
Cons: "Staff seemed a bit irritated with each other. The boarding took so long - we were towards the end of the queue but still had to wait a long time for the dooors to close - not very ryanair as they usually have all of us waiting to get on the plane. This was especially weird as the plane was quite empty Might need to lower the up selling - the flying time was 55 mins approx and the poor cabin crew were wheeling the cart about 3 minutes after take off with the plane still climbing quite steeply. The crew are trying to sell the same as a 3 hour ryanair flight - hot food, snacks, drinks, scratch cards, and the perfumes"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "The flight was delayed and even the crew seemed to be getting no information about it. Ryanair did nothing to compensate their passengers for a 2 hour delay."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Delays over and hour after we were loaded in plane. No food or drinks offered for their delay"
Cons: "Both our flights to and from Malta were delayed by 3 hours"
Pros: "the price"
Cons: "the delay"
Pros: "Price of tickets!"
Cons: "Walking out on the tarmac to board."
Cons: "I didn't like that, one of the pasangers was with a little girl and she was screaming all the way from Dublin to madrid and the crew didn't help at all to have a solution! Also when I was inside of the plane I ask someone of the crew if they have space to put my wedding dress and she look at me like I was crazy and they just told me no! With a very bad tone of voice!"
Cons: "Contentious costumer service reps, argumentative and on the offence, unwilling to HEAR the customer. Otherwise ok."
Cons: "Terrible service. I am writing an email to Ryanair as we speak."
Cons: "We had technical problems so our flight was late one hour"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "We didn't crash"
Cons: "Our flight was late to take off, and had to queue for 30 minutes at Shannon - before the plane had even landed. At stansted then had to get a long bus to the terminal and wait on the bus for 10 minutes because they couldn't open the doors. Luckily after a sprint to the station we made the last stansted express of the evening (£28 return each - 'London' airports for you)"
Pros: "I arrived safely without a scratch. The entire crew were very nice. Things were clean. There were no screens for the addicted. I got some sleep before the announcements and sales kicked in on the short flight."
Cons: "Gate was changed after initial assignment. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't sat almost in front of the counter and overheard a customer there saying my flight. I asked someone even closer to the counter if that's the gate, and was told no. There aren't even display boards at the counter so you really have to check. The right gate ended up on the opposite end of the airport, so I wasted a trip and a half, in a way. The previous flight was late, so we boarded half an hour late. We were warned to wait another half an hour on the tarmac but luckily got out in less than half that time. There was no liquid soap in the toilet. I unscrewed the bottle (they really save money and the environment there), put in hot water, and was able to get the soap I needed."
Cons: "They took my cabin luggage to the cargo even though it is the right size due to no more space in over head compartment and I believe if they where strict about the size with the All Pax and only allowed one price each in the hand the compartments would have been sufficient. You need to make sure to ask pax to be at check in desk 2 hrs before dept during peak periods due to security takes longer time make the story short I was happy with the above all standards Abdullah Benafif."
Cons: "Delayed a bit."
Pros: "The crew was very polite and professional."
Cons: "The weight categories differ from the ranges of other regional airlines."
Pros: "Good service to local airports"
Cons: "Left late due to passengers acting like zombies"
Cons: "Stop trying to sell me things every 10 minutes. I just want to get some sleep. Provide something for free, like peanuts or pretzels, as a nice gesture."
Pros: "Excellent throughout outward and inward journey's"
Pros: "We had no problems with our flight"
Pros: "So quick and easy"
Cons: "Shortage of seating in boarding area."
Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "There was my first flight in Ryanair. My cell phone didn't work well, specially email and I didn't check in on Ryanair before flight. Additional, I travel with oversize luggage by theirs standards. Then I paid the price almost 3 times more for that flight, so be prepare before boarding on low budget airlines."
Pros: "The price was very good, new plane crew were efficient and no hold ups brill."
Pros: "The two seats next to me on the plane were vacant, so I was able to spread out and pretend I was in first class."
Cons: "They have you stand in line 30 mins before the flight. By the time you board the plane, you're stiff and unhappy."
Pros: "Great app"
Cons: "Boarding was manic and Kerry airport facilities poor."
Cons: "There was no food... literally felt like a store on wheels. They just went up and down aisle to sell their wares."
Cons: "Way overpriced! We were charged excessive additional money after we booked"
Pros: "Planes are new."
Cons: "Ryaniar uses questionable practices to charge for services that are free on almost all other airlines. What is most offensive is not the fact that they charge but they make it difficult for passengers to reduce or avoid such fees."
Pros: "Fly. The cost for the ticket for a great route, indeed was a nice option to flight"
Cons: "the seats, do not work to give a great comfort"
Pros: "Cheap, on-time, available routs"
Cons: "Boarding process, lack of leg room, non-declining seats, on flight advertizing"
Pros: "After purchasing seats online the day prior to the flight the airline charge me $160 to check in at the airport. This was after as I said purchasing seats and baggage the day prior. This company is a complete rip off"
Pros: "They switched the flight time from a day flight to a time after midnight which was totally inconvenient. We had to book another flight"
Cons: "They switched the flight time from a day flight to a time after midnight which was totally inconvenient. We had to book another flight"
Pros: "This was one of the worst airlines and overall worst travel experiences I have ever had. I travel alot and Ryanair is one of the worst airlines in business today. The entire crew on the plane was rude and uninterested in offering any service or answering any questions I had. The staff at the airport was even worse than the on board crew they were EXTREMELY RUDE and not helpful in any way; they were only interested in trying to overcharge you for every little thing. I HOPE to NEVER fly with Ryanair again."
Pros: "It is very affordable"
Cons: "It took forever to board the plane. Seats were very uncomfortable, got delayed for over an hour"
Pros: "That this airline is cheap is all they have going for them."
Cons: "Once again the landing was horrible, the pilot again used up all the runway and over shot the turn. The crew barely speaks to you, even when you are trying to spend money on their horrible food and over priced soda."
Cons: "Excessive luggage fee of 50 euro"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin

Airlines flying from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Berlin

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