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Airline reviews

Pros: "Getting here safe"
Cons: "Waiting to broad"

Pros: "Fast and efficient"
Cons: "Check in is a nightmare, questions are crazy even though you have paid extra for priority and 10kg carry on still had to check it in under the plane"

Pros: "Flight was on time, no issues experienced."

Pros: "It's Ryanair. We all know what we signed up for."

Cons: "flight landing"

Cons: "No point paying priority boarding.... people just swap seats if not allocated next to each other makes it all feel like a messy shambles.... once sat down flight was quick and pleasant.... never ate or drank anything on board as extortionate prices... so the money saved there went on tapas and wime"

Pros: "Left on time got in early"
Cons: "Nothing for the price"

Pros: "Crew and flight was ok"
Cons: "Checkin was the worst nightmare I have ever seen."

Cons: "Kayak provided Ryanair an incorrect email address I could not sign in on line. Unsure if I would be able to board, I had to buy another ticket from Ryanair on line. Never again Kayak."

Cons: "Kayak did not forward me bookin confirmation and I paid extra 60€ At Ryanair no customer service desk. Nearly missed flt. Never again w Ryanair"

Pros: "Reasonably priced. Check in was quick and easy. Boarding was easy"
Cons: "Seats are very cramped and uncomfortable. I’m 179cm and it’s a tight enough squeeze for in the seats."

Pros: "We actually made it"
Cons: "The 3hr delay with no explanation or any information whilst waiting in the airport."

Cons: "The gate for boarding was supposed to close at 1205pm but they didn’t announce the gate until 11:30am. The flight was supposed to take off at 12:35pm but there was no announcement of delay, all of the attendants said that everything was on schedule, yet boarding didn’t even start until 1230pm. They randomly took people out of line and told them their bags were too big and made them pay 50 euro, even though their bags still went in the same hold and they were no bigger than anyone else’s when later compared. It was an international flight and multiple people didn’t even have to show their passports. Then on the plane we sat on the runway for about another hour and didn’t takeoff until 1:40pm. The take off was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. The seats were basically lawn chairs glued to the ground and the aisles aren’t large enough for the crew so they were constantly bumping everyone in the aisle seats. The landing felt like the plane was going to flip over and crash and then on top of everything we were told that Ryanair didn’t have enough employees to take our luggage off of the plane."

Cons: "We were charged an additional $70 per person to have our boarding passes printed at the airport. After waiting 40 minutes in line to check in, we were made to go to another office to get boarding passes. Even though we arrived 3 hours before the flight, we barely made it. Ryanair tries to put as many obstacles and charges in your way before you fly. You have no recourse as you would miss your flight if you don’t pay the extra charges. During the flight, the whole purpose of the crew is to sell duty free goods. This airline is the worst! I’d pay more to another airline, just to avoid Ryanair."

Pros: "I got to my destination"
Cons: "If they don’t speak good English and have heavy accents, why don’t they slow down the announcements, so people have at least a small chance to understand???"

Pros: "V efficient airport. Got through quickly and no rushing due to size. V pleasant staff despite full plane. Nice flight path over by Ireland’s highest mountain range on the departure. Also nice sunset on right of plane. All on time"
Cons: "Maybe enough seats for everyone after security but obv right for space"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Boarding commenced after the given departure time with no sign of a delay on the departure boards. There was no clear guidance for queuing, so the speedy boarding we paid extra for was close to useless, staff then scanned boarding passes without a care for passports. Once on the plane the flight was delayed for 2 hours and only after 45 mins of sitting around waiting for an explanation were we given one by the captain."

Pros: "Nice and cheap."
Cons: "The window was in the wrong place so I got a bad neck trying to look out."

Pros: "Nothing, except we did not crash."
Cons: "They made me check a bag. I had measured it art home, but they didn't like it. The seats were cramped. There was no complementary coffee or soft drink or even a bag of peanuts."

Cons: "I didn’t know that I had to pay and extra £15 just to get a seat! I thought I already paid enough for my ticket ."

Pros: "I liked that we landed safely and could go about our day, putting this experience behind me, after only an hour delay."
Cons: "Checking in at the Marrakech airport was a nightmare. People had to guess where to line up. There were two lines. A woman working with passengers seemed efficient and friendly. Unfortunately, I was not in her line. The dude who "helped" me hated the world and everyone in front of him. Their computers were down, and he had to hand write the boarding passes (?!). He really resented doing this for people and let them know. Once at the gate we had to get in a line, to get in another line outside, to get in another line to board, and of course we sat on the tarmac due to delays. I had to check a bag at the gate for being slightly too big. That's fine. But really, I end up paying what I would for a more professional (not "low-fare") airline. No one wants to be here. Not the employees, and not the passengers."

Pros: "0"
Cons: "Being delayed an lied too"

Cons: "We boarded after the time it was supposed to take off and once in Barcelona we had to wait about 25 minutes to collect our bags."

Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "Agent at counter are very rude and disrespectful. Will not tell you agents name to be able to report your problems. Screaming is the only thing that they seem to know how to do."

Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "they where delayed and as a result they made me miss my flight.. to Barcelona i hate this airlines and will never fly with them again"

Pros: "60 quid return to Barcelona from London. Can't be bad. Comfortable seat and very pleasant cabin crew."
Cons: "They called boarding a long time before it actually started. Food available was not so good."

Pros: "Normal simple RyanAir flight, as long as one does not eat food or buy a glass of wine at £8each."
Cons: "Priority on-boarding was fine to start with, until the later passengers started bringing on too much hand luggage and long coats stuffed with clothes, and stuff. Cabin Staff just wanted to get away as fast as and gave up preventing these degenerate snowflake freeloaders from stuffing their bits and pieces in several storage cabins along the cabin. Of course these people went to all of the lockers in turn and rifled through them as their stuff was spread across several lockers. Luckily my bag, with it’s many padlocks, was completely locked down, and it survived an attempt to open it. My partner was not so lucky, however. Clearly the cabin staff are under pressure to get moving and keep the passengers happy. But it is obvious to m that these ‘later’ passengers are working a scam to steal from other passengers. RyanAir need to make these argumentative over packers, put their stuff in the hold, without question or get off. Off-boarding was also a joke, the priority boarders at the front of the plane that Paid the most, had to get on a bus to the terminal that was the last to forcing a lengthy queue at passport control, it took over an hour to get into the terminal. As the less exoerienced traveller faffled about with their documents, multiple children, and no queueing system. It was chaos on the Spanish side. RyanAir would avoid the delays by having better trained assertive staff, and a little better administration on the ground to ensure that priority boarders get what they paid for. Otherwise I might as well fly SwissAir, or Lufthansa, which are only a 15% price point away. [after seat booking and other RyanAir add on costs.] Passenger===Disappointed [and literally was robbed in flight.]"

Pros: "I ultimately got to my destination."
Cons: "- Was charged left and right until I paid twice for my ticket. I even paid to get my boarding pass. - Boarding was a mess. Passengers were blocked in a hot area, then in the stairs for an hour before boarding - Flight was an hour half late - Flight crew was rude and systematically failed to resolve a seat assignment problem. They mocked a passenger instead of admitting they were wrong about not checking for the error in the seat assignment - More of an annoyance; Flight crew was constantly selling stuff, from drinks to cheap fragrance and scratch lottery cards. In summary, Ryan Air is a scam and an embarrassment to the industry."

Pros: "great service, no turbulence"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Not very comfortable seats"

Pros: "The Gin and Tonic"
Cons: "3hr delay and the worst landing I have ever experienced, Stevie Wonder would have done better."

Pros: "The price of the flight and convenient travel times kept making their flights more attractive. The flight itself was very nice and comparable to any other airline despite comments I had read about steep lift offs and advertisements blaring the whole time. None of that happened."
Cons: "Of course the price of the Ryanair flights is what lures you in., but just about EVERYTHING else after that is stressful with this airline. All their rules must be followed precisely or you'll pay through the nose. After painstaking finding the right sized roller bags and under seat sack and making sure I was well within the weight limit, they never measured or weighed either of them. I also saw plenty of carry-on luggage way bigger than mine come on board and go into the overhead bins just fine. Kind of pissed me off. The price to check bags is SO SO high, but with the limited weight you can take in the carry-on, you almost have to check a bag unless you're doing a short 3-5 day trip."

Cons: "Asked to put cabin bag in hold despite having no other hold luggage. Plenty of room for cabin bags right above my head. Even more delayed time"

Cons: "3 hour delay! Walked out of barcrlona airport ar 3am!"

Cons: "When I got to the airport they made my family pay 200 Euros for not checking in online! This is basically robbery, since I had no choice but paying it without ruining the trip of a lifetime. I've never encountered such a fee from any other airline. It's true that they sent an email warning a couple days before, but I was already traveling, so didn't check my email very carefully. I chose Ryanair in order to save money, despite their planes being less comfortable (seats don't lean back at all) and I don't mind too much having to walk onto the runway in order to board the plane. I very careful to to exceed their very strict carry-on weight limits. But in the end it still wound up being the most expensive and frustrating option."

Pros: "We got to our destination. Our bags arrived at our destination."
Cons: "1. Despite a delay of over 3 hours, RyanAir provided neither reimbursement nor meal vouchers, despite both being required by EU law. 2. Our boarding passes said, "if your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, ask at the ticket counter or boarding gate for the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance." When we learned the flight would be delayed 2+ hours, we followed these directions; the gate agents told us, quite dismissively, that it applied only in case of a 3-hour delay. After wrestling with NAP's snail-pace wifi, I found the relevant text on the RyanAir website and showed it to a gate agent. She said her supervisor had told her that it had to be a delay of 3 hours but that she would check with her. I never heard from her again. It became a moot point when the flight was delayed more than 3 hours. Even then, the gate agents did none of the things the text said they were supposed to do. 3. The gate agents were not RyanAir employees, and it seemed RyanAir did not communicate with them in a helpful way. Independent of this, though, they were also just not competent. Here are some other things that happened: - About 2 hours after the scheduled departure, despite there being no plane at the gate, one of the gate agents started the boarding process. He let about 30-40 people into the holding pen; then a passenger pointed out that the delay had increased another hour. The passengers in the holding pen had to stay in there (one asked to leave to use the restroom and the gate agent told him he would have to surrender his passport while he was gone). - Once the 3-hour delay was posted, they started handing out gate check tags like candy. It was unclear why; perhaps they thought it would soothe the passengers' anger. We did not request one then. When we boarded, my wife asked for one. The gate agent did not even acknowledge her request (despite still having a good number left). - When the plane did arrive, the passengers in the holding pen rushed the door of the jetway. About 15 made it into the jetway (and, I guess, onto the plane) before a gate agent shouted at everyone to stop, ran over, and closed the jetway doors. 4. In other news... passengers were loud and rude. When the delay was first posted, they formed an angry mob around the gate agents and yelled questions that could have been answered by reading the monitor. Half of them had their seat belts off and were standing as soon as the plane landed. The whole row behind me was so loud I couldn't hear the music coming form my earbuds. The guy behind me pushed me as we were getting off the plane because he thought I wasn't going fast enough. Needless to say, no one should ever fly RyanAir."

Cons: "What can you expect from Ryanair? They treat their passengers like kettle when boarding. Specifically we had to stand and in a hot anghar before boarding for 40 mins. No seats, water or idea why we have to wait there rather than the airport. I experienced it so many times and tell myself never again. if I have an option I never fly with them."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "i tried to check in online but could not do so on the website. i added the app and checked in. The app informed me that this was not a mobile boarding pass which I could oinly get from the web site which wioud not work on a smart phone. At check in counter, I was charged 100 Dirham ($10) to get a hand scribbled boarding pass. I got a series of anxiety inducing emails before the trip which were completely unnecessary."

Pros: "Service costumers disagree"
Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Crew was great, flight was on time and arrived at destination early."

Pros: "If was a short flight."
Cons: "Cramped seat, long line to board, forced to check-in online to avoid fee but had to check-in at the terminal anyway, 30€ checked baggage fee but the flight was so cramped for space I was forced to check my carry-on too (for free). I was put into exit row, guess that means I'm not offered drink or food like everyone else since I had no tray. If it wasn't for the high cost, I would have taken the train."

Pros: "Great app"
Cons: "Boarding was manic and Kerry airport facilities poor."

Cons: "Big unadvertised feea. You end up paying much more in the end & feel like you're trapped in a scam after you bought the tickets. See examples: - to print out your boarding pass at the airport -to check EVEN ONE bag -to get a cup of water - multiple small inconveniences & lack of service on every front, even compared to other stripped down no frills carriers Delays! Cheap seats with an ad for food purchase plastered on the back seat in front of you. Repeated attempts to sell extras - food, drinks, jewelry, perfume up & down aisles by embarrassed flight attendants Bad service & total disrespect for & misunderstanding of their customer and even their own employees. It's unbelievable. Skip this airline!"

Cons: "My daughter and I were traveling together and my flight was booked a day earlier than hers due to miscommunication. When I asked to change either of our flights (so we could be on the same flight), they wanted to charge full price to change flights. I declined to pay that much and was crying prior and during flight. When I asked the flight attendant for a water to take medicine with (showed them my pill) they wanted to charge me for a water even though I was obviously upset (my nose and eyes were red)! Very disappointing experience with Ryannair!!!"

Pros: "the staff did their job and were accommodating. The plane brought me from Rome to Barcelona"
Cons: "I purchased a ticket from Ryan air the night before my flight. My first Ryanair purchase. When I arrived at the airport they held my boarding pass until I paid an additional 45 euro for a process they call checking in. The checking in process allows them to require the customer to print their own border pass and enter identifying information at least 2 hours before departure, passing inconvenience to the customer for profit. The email that contains instructions for checking in provides first the confirmation number in bold letters, then a receipt of the purchase followed by a page of advertisements and sales offers. After scrolling past these solicitations one can find a link to checking in in fine print. So far, no other low cost airline I have taken abides by this practice. (Spirit, frontier, American, United, JetBlue, southwest etc.) The boarding process did not allow for efficient queuing causing a line to form that was a couple hundred meters long that extended down the main airport walkway. The final result was a delay of 45 minutes to 1 hour after scheduled departure time resulting in a delay of transportation to city center and any connections."

Pros: "what I liked most is leaving the plane when I arrived"
Cons: "poor service, poor attention, uncomfortable seatings, tight space, sardines could be happy in this flying tins"

Pros: "My experience was terrible from the beginning of it to the end."
Cons: "They have the worst customer service. Though we checked in advance and arrived nearly 3 hours prior to our flight, we still struggled to have a smooth flight experience, their communications skills and attitude is unprofessional. They pick and choose who they want to assist with manner & respect. It's my first flight with them & it couldn't have been any worse. Their carry on policy was radiclious! I had the smallest carry on than any one in that flight, but my bag had hard corners & I didn't want to squeeze it into their measurement to avoid damage, but they wouldn't listen or even try to comprehend as I try to explain to them. They seem to upset almost all the passengers on that flight. Their boarding process was very an organized & untimely. Unfortunately I have two other flights booked with them and if I had time and if it wasn't so expensive to book last minute flights, I wouldn't histate to cancel it and fly with different airlines."

Pros: "Horrible . The app to make reservation it is poor designed. They charge me twice 200 euros and employees don't care with the excuse that everything is online. Never again"

Pros: "That in advance the tickets were very cheap."
Cons: "First, I didn't have internet access for 2weeks prior to my flight, so I had no idea I had to check in in advance online, and any way, I couldn't do it because I didn't have internet access. So they were going to charge us 25 euros to check us in and some other ridiculous amount to print out our boarding passes. Honestly, I've never seen an airline that does not print boarding passes for you. So we were in line 3 times because of stupid wild goose chases that could've just been resolved in one sitting if it wasn't for a ridiculous system they have. Then we needed to check in our bags and we were prepared to pay a checked-in bag fee, but they charged 190 euros for 2vhecked bags!!!! What?!?!? And.... We had to go somewhere else to pay the fee and come back to finally get our boarding passes. So in all honesty, the "cheap" flight was not cheap, it took us 2 hours to complete the boarding, 4 visits to the counter. And... That's not even all, it felt like everyone treated the plane like if it was a train or a metro, people throwing things across the aisle, getting up and walking around (not to go to the toilets, and it was a two hour flight, no need to stretch your legs all that much) and to top it off a lady that was so drunk she kept hitting our seats, yelling, getting up when we were landing and wow! It was awful! And all of that and not even a complimentary cup of water. I am usually not a complainer but those four hours of Ryanair ridiculousness got me to the point of furious! I will NEVER fly with them again. I'll pay a little more for the convenience and comfort of other airlines."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Milltown (Kerry) to Barcelona

Airlines flying from Milltown (Kerry) to Barcelona have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Barcelona

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Barcelona

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Barcelona

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Milltown (Kerry) to Barcelona

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