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RyanairOverall score based on 17671 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "pragmatic ryanair crew get the job done"
Cons: "seats and trays were dirty"
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Pros: "pragmatic ryanair crew get the job done"
Cons: "seats and trays were dirty"
Pros: "Value for money"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and when we got to our destination there were no staff present to disembark the aircraft so we were further delayed."
Pros: "For once the flight took off on time!"
Cons: "Seating was passable for a short flight. Seat allocation was random especially as the booking confirmation was done at the same time. Presumably this is now intentional so as to encourage you to pay the extra fee?"
Cons: "Check in and lagged bag"
Cons: "Unfortunately, I fell asleep the minute the flight took off and I woke up after the plane landed, so I didn’t get to experience anything in-flight. It will be nice if you get onboard WiFi in the future though"
Pros: "Friendly stuff, good price."
Cons: "Delay at the airport, also didn't take off anytime soon. We were sitting for over half and hour in the plane. Seats are very cramped too. People over 1.80m / 6 foot have to book an extra seat with more space, otherwise you won't have an convenient flight."
Pros: "It was a great flight from Marrakech to Rome. The boarding was seamless and hassle free. No extra fees or discussions about the size of my carryon or hand bag, just tagged it and brought it with me. Left and arrived right on time. Thanks Ryanair!"
Pros: "Left outside the plane for 25 min. In the pouring rain with small children. Why start trying to board the plane when obviously it’s not ready to receive passengers."
Cons: "London Luton airport is a nightmare to get into and out of. Avoid if you can. Traffic chaos. Nearly missed our flight."
Cons: "Flight bit cramped in seats"
Pros: "There was basically nothing that I liked/enjoyed"
Cons: "The staff was rude and unhelpful"
Cons: "The service overall"
Pros: "Nothing although crew were friendly"
Cons: "3 hour delay in both directions this week. No announcements made about delay. Gates changed 2x. Poor communication throughout. Email from Ryanair about cancellation/refund options received AFTER flight. Got home at 1 am. Truly horrible experience"
Pros: "Ship flight"
Cons: "Flight was delay, and I don't see crew doing the best to make the people confortable. Or happy to flight"
Pros: "Boarding was by bus but worked out ok."
Cons: "Chaos over seating families together, one family of two adults and two infants got moved twice, another family was moved once due to allocated seating not putting families together. We eventually offered our seats to try and help out which eventually the reluctant crew accepted. Emergency exits row passenger was allowed to keep their handbag and another had a plastic bag under their seat. (Regulations state no bags at emergency exits). One passenger was chatting using his mobile phone during taxi out. Captain having exited the flight deck for a break then opened the cockpit door and whilst remained open then proceeded to have a nice chat with the cabin crew. Crew were having a bad day. Food was over cooked and nasty. Seat comfort apauling no elbow room and no legroom, still as Ryanair say you only get what you pay for whereas I’d rather have value for money rather than just a cheap and nasty experience."
Pros: "Fast flight nice staff"
Cons: "Seats are small"
Pros: "Hostesses"
Cons: "The rest especially the quick boarding ( 1h30 to wait )"
Pros: "The price of the ticket is really cheap and I keep that in mind when I review the flight"
Cons: "The boarding was tedious."
Cons: "The really need one of their newer planes ✈️ for the lanzorote route. Longer seatbelts needed."
Pros: "Low price"
Cons: "delay of 1:30."
Cons: "Seats don’t recline"
Pros: "Ryanair was a great surprise. I am 1.79 in height the seats were not cramped, yes they do"
Pros: "On time."
Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Boarding, very slow and a bit late as was takeoff"
Pros: "You get what you pay for. Nothing less and definitely nothing more."
Pros: "The make cabin crew had such a strong accent and spoke so fast that no one on the plane could barely understand a word he said during any of the announcements. He made no effort to slow it down and speak clearer"
Cons: "As above"
Pros: "A very cheap flight; we had randomly allocated seats away from each other but as there were few passengers this was not a problem. There was almost a row of seats per passenger so I can't see the benefit of paying to sit together!"
Pros: "Very punctual and smooth flight"
Cons: "Seats could not be reclined. Not much space for carry ons."
Pros: "Ryanair gets you there."
Cons: "...eventually."
Pros: "Friendliness Good Pilot(s) Easy Boarding"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed by over two hours from Frankfurt Hahn. No one on the ground gave us any information. They left the entire group of people alone in the gate and did not return until the flight had landed. Everyone was sitting on the floor, clueless. We did not know where the plane was or when it would come. I also paid extra for priority boarding to ensure that my bag would have space in the overhead compartment so I would not have to store it under my seat. However when the remainder of the passengers boarded the aircraft, they took my bag out from the overhead compartment to put another passengers bags where mine were. They had me put my bags underneath my seat. This would not be a big deal but I am an above average tall person, so it forced me to be quite uncomfortable for the entire flight. When I tried to tell the flight attendant that I paid for priority, she ignored me and walked away. 2/10 would not use airline again. I would rather pay the extra to be treated better."
Pros: "Very quick service! We paid for two checked bags and priority boarding which made this flight especially smooth. The service was friendly and fast."
Pros: "Great staff, very helpful and quick with boarding, quick journey"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "I really didn't appreciate the long lines to get our visas checked, the disorganised boarding, our flight being 30 minutes late, and getting nickel-and-dimed to death with every little thing. I had to print my boarding pass or face a 50€/£ fee, but I couldn't print one for my return flight because it was more than 48 hrs prior unless I reserved seats so I paid money to avoid paying a made up fee. The money you think you save on Ryanair isn't worth the hassel. Never again."
Cons: "Terrible delays, and the flight wasn't even cheap."
Pros: "The priority boarding"
Cons: "The plane was hot and small"
Pros: "Check in online"
Cons: "Seat comfort was not good. No recline and no seat pocket. No frills I guess"
Cons: "Stop trying to sell me things every 10 minutes. I just want to get some sleep. Provide something for free, like peanuts or pretzels, as a nice gesture."
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for more than 4 hours"
Pros: "Bus with wings"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Charges 50 euro per person if you don't check in two hours before. Doesn't matter if you actually buy it last minute (flight leaving within an hour), they will still charge you a penalty since you didn't check in more than 2 hours ago. When you try to explain it to the employees, they just stare at you, look at their piece of paper, and say you still have to pay. Absurd. Flight was delayed obviously. Seats are small and don't recline. A tall person should never fly with them. Obviously no entertainment. Don't even give you free water."
Pros: "Crew were polite."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours. There was no announcement that there was a delay or explanation.. The Priority boarding is very poorly organised . when we were finally let out onto the tarmac there was a mad scramble by the non priority customers to get to the plane although the one lady in charge did control things to a degree I might add that at Gatwick going to Belfast the Priority boarding was a joke. If you are going to make customers queue in the corridor please put a sign up outside to indicate the you dont't have to queue"
Pros: "I chose Ryanair because of their 10kg cabin baggage allowance. They've really improved from my past (and after that I swore I'd never use them again) experience. Really slick."
Cons: "Constant trying to sell you extras."
Cons: "Cramped seats did not recline; all drinks, including water, had to be paid for; plane did not have a jet bridge and passengers had to walk up and down stairs to embark and disembark. This airline takes No Frills to an entirely new level."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "The landing"
Pros: "Easy booking, easy self checkin, even though now have selected seats it's still a little bit like a cattle market as everybody is wanting overhead hand luggage space near by. Very quick flight without ant issue"
Cons: "Cattle market loading feel both ways"
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "No food. And the seats were uncomfortable."
Pros: "The whole process went smoothly"
Cons: "Temperature changes very contrasting. Ok in terminal, boiling hot waiting on staiwell, cool walk to plane."
Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "The crew said there would not be drinks because of anticipated turbulence for the entire flight. There was NO turbulence."
Pros: "Regular stuff. Mostly good."
Cons: "Leg space was littered with pieces of crisps. Perhaps it is cleaned only once a day and not in between flights."

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