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— Kerry
2 Jul — 9 Jul1
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 2/7
Sat 9/7

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2hr late - when arriving at Manchester stuck on board for 45mins to get off, no reason why, hot and dehydrate

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2hr late - when arriving at Manchester stuck on board for 45mins to get off, no reason why, hot and dehydrate

And everything was right on time. They could offer a glass of water.

more than 1 hour delay for a technical problem found after boarding ended.

Quick and easy boarding. Pleasant personnel and easily available food and drink. What’s not to like.

Pros: "Nothing because I wasn’t allowed to board"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Crew were very caring. What amazed me from a proposed flight of 1hr 20, was to and from Dublin a flight time of 50mins. Very good."
Cons: "Going with one airline and coming back with Ryanair meant I could only get my boarding pass 2days before flight, rather than the beginning of the whole trip. I tried 6x's on my mph to no avail, day before, got it on a desktop on last day."
Pros: "Staff was very friendly both ground and cabin. Flight left a little late but all in all it was a good service. I certainly wouldn't complain."
Cons: "I didn't particularly like the constant upsale(online)but then it is a budget airline, so this is to be expected these days"
Pros: "On time flight and decent boarding process (not too much fuss over baggage size and weight)."
Cons: "Seating policy - it’s ridiculous to charge passengers to be seated together, even if they’re flying on the same booking. It only leads to on-board seating “trades” and negotiations to get people to agree to swap seats. Embarrassing!"
Pros: "Helpful, friendly crew"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Horrible check in service. Offensive people."
Pros: "Flight on time."
Cons: "Better way of boarding as priority boarding still involved a long wait and it was far from clear which line to stand in."
Pros: "As good as it can be with Ryanair"
Pros: "No Frills Flying at Very Competitive Prices"
Cons: "Cost of Hand/On Board luggage can be the same price as the flight!"
Pros: "No issues getting on flight pretty straight forward."
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Daylight robbery. I got charged 55pound for not checking in online 2 hrs before. I felt disgusted by this ridiculous amount as I had no idea. Really frustrated with your search engine and Ryan air for not making this very clear"
Cons: "They don’t accept credit cards from USA."
Cons: "The price of checking a bag cost twice as much as the flight...just the process of getting the bag checked was stressful would’ve been better served taking the train"
Cons: "Poor service and delays!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flights are always late."
Pros: "Plane has more leg space than other commercial lines I’ve used."
Cons: "Expensive baggage fees for no cabin baggages. Non sense carrying baggages up to the plane door for them to pick and send below."
Pros: "Not sure?"
Cons: "Very Spartan service with little effort to make for a more pleasant flight."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "Cheap, you get what you pay for"
Cons: "the gate change many times, no information about the flight , no answers, many problems with the cases of the people, I hate rian air."
Cons: "We bought our tickets online, and even had the Ryan Air mobile app, yet still SOL. When we arrive at departure airport no mobile bording pass option (for our tickets), no kiosk for printing. Ling line to pay 50 quid for tucket printing, lol."
Pros: "Boarding was ahead of schedule, but we waited on the runway for a long time. Checking in via an app is great too."
Cons: "The seats are uncomfortable, the application of the baggage policy is inflexible & difficult, there are no places to put your things and having seating assigned randomly when you travel with someone is ridiculous. I love discount airlines, but being charged for things that would make me happier while not costing the airline a penny is too far. Ryanair gets your initial business with artificially low rates and then nickle-and-dimes you until you pay at least as much as you would by just going with an honest carrier that charges normal prices up front. I am tired of being messed about when there are equivalently priced carriers that aren't such shysters."
Pros: "Boarding and flying time very good"
Cons: "Noisy passengers (stag party and 40birthday)"
Pros: "Flight was fine"
Cons: "I had trouble connecting to the WiFi at my hostel and online check in closes 2 hours before the flight, so I just decided to check in at the airport. Well, I learned that doing this results in a €50 charge per ticket zapping preshious funds for the rest of my travels."
Cons: "Excessive price for a check in luggage. It is ridiculous. Outrageous."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All"
Pros: "Good airline food and beverage choices, great crew - as comfortable as any flight these days. Great value - would do again."
Cons: "If RyanAir reads these reviews can I make a small suggestion that would make a big difference? The plastic cups provided with drinks are tall and narrow making them unstable inflight.Simply changing to a more squat shape would increase passenger comfort."
Pros: "took off on time clean aircraft smiley crew"
Cons: "nothing"
Cons: "Never got a heads up for boarding pass and baggage. I now know to pay $100.00 more when dealing with your competitors."
Cons: "Just not nice . I know it is budget but whole experience was nasty"
Pros: "Ryanair compares well with a lot more expensive airlines. It's not perfect by any means but it offers excellent value for money."
Pros: "Very friendly and helpful people. We enjoyed our flight and really appreciated all the help to board and depart the flight. Would recommend your airlines to anyone."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The staff charged me 62 euro for checking in my bag at the gate. Beforehand, I tried to check my bag in at the check in counter and the lady told me that I didn't need to check my nag in because it was within the required size. At the gate, I tried to explain the situation to the women, but they forced me to pay or threatened that I would miss my flight. Because it was their fault for not being consistent with enforcing the rules of Ryanair and a lack of communication on their part, I'm never flying with Ryanair again."
Cons: "Ryanair is really pretty bad at the customer one on one model. They DO NOT WANT TO HELP AT ALL !! it just seems to me if you are in customer service you should understand that people who travel from other countries are helping with your economy,YOUR JOB, If you don't fit the model move on,find something else to do in your life. Don't make me feel like I owe you,really you owe me a easy time getting through all the troubles of your airline.If some one from the airline reads this you should play under cover and see what i mean ,act as a person who needs help,does not understand your accent .you just really are bad !!"
Pros: "Ryanair check in staff helped us by handwriting our boarding passes."
Cons: "Checked baggage fees were outrageous. Cabin crew could not control loud druncks from Spanish football fans - loud yelling and screaming up and down aisle for over an hour."
Pros: "I appreciate them boarding the back of the plane first, logistically makes sense"
Cons: "They try to nickel and dime you for everything so be sure to read the fine print first. 50 euro for checking on at the airport, 50 if they force you to check your carry on bag at the gate."
Cons: "1 hour delay. To low on fuel."
Pros: "Every single one of the stewards was very good looking and very friendly."
Cons: "Boarding was rough, and as a foreigner, it's a bit of a pain to have to print boarding passes since we don't really have a printer available within the check- in time. Luckily we didn't check any bags, so we avoided extra charges there."
Cons: "Stupid 50 we had to pay extra. Never fly this airline again. A scam leaving me feeling like I was just screwed. I will actively tell people to never fly with you. Cut the surprise check in fee like normal airlines."
Pros: "They didn't disturb us with as many sales calls down the isle as usual. Smartly dressed crew. Otherwise nothing."
Cons: "Over 4 hour delay Lack of communication Constant queuing No leg room No head rest No entertainment what so ever No food/drink provided FoC No compensation Chair does not recline"
Pros: "Food and entertainment was not part of the deal. Fine with me."
Cons: "Everything was fine. 15 minute early arrival."
Pros: "Cheap flights within Europe if you follow all the rules."
Cons: "Fees for everything make value with this airline a challenge. Cramped seats."
Pros: "Friendly, calm crew. Luggage collection was speedy."
Cons: "When gate was announced everyone went straight to long queue, with only one person working gate. No sign of anyone to do priority seating, if we had booked it. We had earlier been in a long queue for security, so were feeling, tired & frazzled. Our hand baggage went into the hold instead of on the plane."
Pros: "Because Ryan air is a budget airline they have extremely strict restrictions regarding your boarding pass. One in the 21st century might think, ill download my pass online, or to my phone, or even a kiosk in the airport. Be aware few of these are actually feasible options for americans traveling within the EU and may cause you to miss your flight."
Cons: "Pilots approach and landing speed too fast and erratic. Flight stewards unfriendly. Will NOT fly with again."
Pros: "Friendly Staff Checking in online as 2 people and having seats sat together."
Cons: "Waiting for buses and slow passenger boarding and unloading - held up by terminal buses and being stuck in queues on steps as buses were so full Plane was very hot - even with the air conditioning jet on. Both flights were delayed - on way out in air wiaitng for landing slot, on way back waiting for a take off slot."

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